Sonos:1; cheapest compatible speaker?

Well that’s a bummer… but I can’t say as I’m too surprised. $99 is pretty dang cheap… much cheaper than even the early bird kickstarter backers were getting.

Well, they have incorporated many improvements with the latest update with UBI, it only makes sense that they have increased the price.

@Dianoga I just recently bought a Play1, and have the 5.1 beta controller (Android app).
But my Play 1 componet version is still 5.0.
How do I configure it for fully wireless Sonos use (I do not see anything under Settings in the controller).

The very first option in the Sonos controller (in the part where you pick your music) should be “Update Now”. After you do that, go to Settings->Advanced Settings->Wireless Setup and you should be ready to go.

Has you seen the new light with speaker called LightFreq on kickstarter?

@Dianoga Thanks! Was trying it in OSX, but the advanced setting option was missing. Switched to Windows, and all is well now. Many thanks.

Currently no support for ST, not sure if ST will be working with these. While it is certainly interesting, It will only get my dollar if it will work with ST right now.

Is it me hallucinating or what? Check out Sonos web site and the product prices this holiday season? They jumped like crazy crazy compared to other sellers like BB, Amazon etc.

199, 299, 399, same as always? Except now they are giving gift cards back, which i guess is better than nothing if you are going to buy more down the road.

So why do people prefer Sonos over Bose when it comes to their wifi speaker? Is Sonos supported better then Bose when it comes to ST?

To be honest, I noticed Consumer Reports recommended Sonos and I never investigated others. Since then a user hacked together an interface and SmartThings added an integration in their Labs (Beta). I haven’t seen other speakers “embraced” as much by the SmartThings community, though we all complain about the cost of Sonos.

I have release an generic Media Renderer device type to use some cheap DLNA speakers. If you dont want to buy a Sonos maybe this can hel you

Is it possible to use a speaker connected to smartthings as an intercom? For instance to tell the kids to come upstairs.

WIth a bit of effort you could write a SmartApp and the voice synthesis feature to vocalise a written message.

However, something like this (doesn’t use SmartThings) is probably closer to what you’re thinking and much easier:

The best android app is called AirAudio Works pretty well.

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What did you end up with? Still looking for a cheap announcement speaker. Sonos worked but SO much since I’m only using it for announcements. Bose doesn’t do TTS and the Samsung speaker’s delay is too long (at least 5 seconds)

I think the cheapest way most have gotten around announcement is with Landroid and an old phone or tablet with a external speaker .

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Ok. Off to look for an Android tablet. Any suggestions of a good model? Wonder if I could also use this as a station to set alarms, turn off lights, etc.

There is always the Kindle fire.
Thread on setting it to run SmartTiles, and Tasker. Installing google

Nice. I have a first generation (or close) Fire that I’ll give a whirl.