[Solved] Thermostat Auto Off - not turning back on after windows closed?

I got all my window sensors set up on Monday, and the couple that had pairing issues fixed up on Tuesday. I was playing around with the Thermostat Auto Off smart app today, and noticed that it doesn’t appear to be restoring the mode after closing all the windows.

I set it to a 15 second delay just to test opening and closing, figuring maybe it waits for the delay period to elapse before restoring the previous state.

  • I checked that the thermostat was in heating mode, and it was
  • I opened a window and waited 15 seconds
  • I checked the thermostat and saw that the state was “Off” as it should be now
  • Then I closed the window and waited over 15 seconds, and the state never changed back to heat

It sounds like it’s supposed to recall the mode that was set when it turned the thermostat off, and that’s what I think I see in the logs:

It shows thermostatMode: heat on both the open and closed event, but there is no corresponding Turning on thermostat due to contact closed or some such message.

Any ideas?

Silly me, one of my window sensors was misbehaving and was registered as Open when the window was shut. I looked at the state changes for that sensor, and saw no open or close event for the day, with the last one displayed being the day before, which consisted of one Open and one Close.

I hope these window sensors work the kinks out soon, so far they’ve required a bit of babysitting just to make sure they’re staying connected, and displaying the proper state!

I am having the same problem. I am glad you found your problem, but I am seeing an issue where the state of the thermostat isn’t being passed to the restore function. So basically if you open and close a contact sensor before the thermostat mode changes the restore passes “null” back to the thermostat. Using my nest thermostat it seems like the null mode forces it to switch to off.

If I allow the thermostat to change modes (ie. from heat to off), then closing my window results in the heat turning back on.

i have used virtual switches to remember what mode it is in. I also use the outside temp to determine if I want heat, cool or just to shut off because usually if it is between 62 and 72 the doors and windows are open. When it hits the right temp I have a winter switch, a summer switch and a nosumwint switch. works really good. when that switch is set I look at it to determine, heat or cool after the door closes.

I’m finding problems with Thermostat Auto off.

If I set the delay to 15 seconds but only open the door for 5 seconds the heating is still turned off. I think that after the delay it needs to check whether the sensor is still in the state which triggered the change. And only then switch things.

I might fork and update the code, unless anyone has already done something similar.

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I have an app that was forked from something similar

you can try that.

Thanks @Keo, I’ll give that a go. Looks similar but different!


Yeah. I think I may have forked it from this one actually, but there is almost nothing left of the original. I am currently using it and it has been flawless for me. Let me know if you have problems.

@Dianoga , are you able to fix this? I have a 900 second delay set. If I open my front door and then close the front door, the Thermostat auto off, smart app is still turning my thermostat off once 15 minutes passes, and the front door is closed and not open. Something you can fix?

I switched to Green Thermostat a while back, but was having some issues with it remembering the thermostat mode that was set before the change (e.g. was on cool, but comes back to “off” or “auto”?). I think I might work on a CoRE piston to replace that, with a turn off thermostat after delay, and cancel on condition change.

I’ve not played much with CoRE (I probably should - maybe over the holidays), but can it do things like “trigger if a door has been open for a minute”, and “save the current heating mode” which is then restored when the door closes?

Yes, it should be able to do that. I’m still trying to figure out how
variables work in CoRE, but it should be similar to how I handle the
timeouts on my motion sensor controlled lighting pistons.

@talz13, could help me I looking for this “Thermostat Auto Off smart app”

I’m currently using the Green Thermostat smart app, you should be able to
find out on Google, but I’m on my phone right now

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