Socket and Hue

I have a Smartthings power socket in the bedroom, this is plugged into a lamp which has a philips Hue bulb in.
when I ask alexa to turn on bedroom, it does not work, when I check the socket, its not on. switch the socket on manually the light comes on. now I can ask Alexa to dim my light, and turn off. and it all happens.
If I say turn off my bedroom again the socket goes off. it only happens after a while, like the socket goes into no operation mode.
Any ideas

Hue bulbs are designed to always be on power. They should not be controlled by another smart switch which cuts the power to them. The bulb should decide for itself how much power to draw. If you have an occasional power outage, that’s not a big deal, but if you are regularly turning the power on and off to the bulb, the inrush current when the power comes back on can damage the bulb over time and significantly shorten the life of what is already quite an expensive bulb. So that setup is just not recommended.

Can I ask why you had the idea of putting it on a pocket socket to begin with? Alexa should already be able to turn a hue bulb on and off by voice.

If the hue bulb is attached to a hue bridge, there is a native Alexa/Hue integration which works very well.

If The Hue bulb is directly connected to the SmartThings hub, you can still turn it on and off with Alexa using the Alexa/SmartThings integration.

So you can use the pocket socket someplace else where you have a dumb bulb.

As for what you’re seeing with the set up you have right now, with Hue bulbs, if the power is cut completely and then restored, the bulb will always come back on to full power.

As far as Alexa not controlling the socket, my guess is you haven’t authorized that individual SmartThings control device for controlled by Alexa, but i’m tired today, so I will let other people go into details with you.

Thanks for that
Guess I don’t fully understand multiple devices etc. I will now remove said socket and plug direct
Thanks for your time

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