SMS Notification from Netatmo's CO2 and Noise sensors

I have the Turn on a Vent if the CO2 is High, though I’d also like to get an SMS when it happens. Same for the Noise level. I done seem to find anything besides IFTTTT that can do this. I’m trying to Consolidate the Home Automation down to the SmartThings and SmartRules Apps.


It would have to be a custom SmartApp. CO2 and Noise Level are not official capabilities and there is not a standard way to detect devices that have such capabilities.

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@slagle is like a genie lamp. Just ask and, POOF!

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Hey Tim, I do have your Monitor App Installed, it is pretty Slick!

Though I was looking for Text Alerts vs Push Notifications. The Push Notifications do not seem that reliable vs Text Notifications. I was going to see if I could add them, though Have not gotten that far in your code.

I also wanted to do things like CO2 is High, turn on the Nest Thermostat Fan, or the Whole House Fan.

Thank you!

This is something I could work through on Live Code Friday(10/23) if you are interested. I will be guest hosting for @pstuart this week.

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Hey jodyalbritton,

I worked over Tim’s Monitor App and have a pretty good start. There were some cast issues with the Values coming form Netatmo, though not sure if they changed the data type returned or not. I think with that and another SmartApp I can get a CO2 to Enable/Disable a Switch. What is Live Code Friday?