Smoke/CO detector recomendations

I’m trying to find a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that meets the following requirements. anybody know of one?

  1. Mains/hardwire primary power

  2. Communicates/networks with “dumb” detectors via hardwire

  3. Can be silenced from my phone

  4. Integrates with SmartThings (either community or ST device handler)

What you’re looking for does not exist yet for all 4 requirements, but you can make your dumb hardwired detectors kind of smart. You can’t silence the alarm, nor will you be able to distinguish between CO and smoke, but it’s possible:

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This is usually done via some sort of proprietary technology and not compatible within brands.

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Interesting. I thought the dumb model we bought for our old house connected to the other dumb models. And I thought the Halo did also, but their website says
"Can I interconnect your Halo products with existing third-party smoke detectors?
Halo is only approved to interconnect with other Halo products. We cannot guarantee to interconnect feature with any smoke alarms that are not by Halo Smart Labs."

So that’s vague…

Yeah, I wouldn’t mix smoke alarms up. I am no expert, but I would go with the same brand for all.

They’ve updated the article since :sweat_smile:
Interconnect Article

And it’s still vague haha. I’ve read reports that it does trigger dumb models, so I may pick one up now that SmartThings officially supports them.