SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

The suspense is making me break out in hives! quick release Action Tiles so I don’t have to bathe in calamine lotion… Ok I am being over dramatic, but looking forward to it. (Action Tiles, not calamine lotion)

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Meanwhile …

Here’s my latest:


###ActionTiles Teaser Video

So… its just a shameless :rolling_eyes: 2.5 minutes promotional “teaser video” : :tv:, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the sneak peeks of the ActionTiles web-app.

Generously produced by one of our hard working :construction_worker: Beta testers. (The Beta is closed to new participants … because we’re really close to announcing release date and introductory pricing). :zipper_mouth: :flushed:

Super appreciate your support, patience, liking, following, subscribing and sharing! Thanks everyone!


Such a Tease! I’m going to start throwing dollar bills. Saw this on twitter earlier. nicely done.

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How did you get that home energy log?

See here:

and here:


What is going to happen to smarttiles when actiontiles goes online?

SmartTiles will be phased out “gracefully”… where “gracefully” has yet to be defined.

We hope we can offer folks sufficient time to convert to ActionTiles or other alternatives. Regardless, for various reasons, SmartTiles’s days on earth are “numbered”. :dagger: :cross: (Cue “Circle of Life” here, or some other appropriate song about the inevitability of death…).

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Hey, I didn’t eat the mousse!


Monty Python The meaning of life quote. Couldn’t help myself

Will ActionTiles be able to display static photos from Blink cameras as per the proof of concept conducted with @RBoy’s Blink device handler?

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Nice. Is this SmartTiles? I like the Meter Graph!

However, I much prefer the more simple format. Even this is information overload as I had to take out about 30 devices that I do not need to monitor.

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Yes, it’s SmartTiles customized using CSS. I’ve tried the various themes and like several of them. Mine was more practice for me in CSS as it’s been a while since I did anything with it. All throwaway though when ActionTiles eventually comes out.

I too have some stuff left off for now. It just got too much with all the separate tiles for temps and battery statuses. I left off my thermostats as I don’t like having separate tiles for heating vs cooling.

I have seen some examples of SmartTiles dashboards that appear to include other websites as a tile. I assume that is done in CSS.

Will something equivalent (perhaps without having to write CSS) be available in Action Tiles?

We have an existing Feature Request that we are definitely interested in pursuing.

Don’t bother with your own definition, just Google it :wink:

in an attractively elegant way.
"the boat glides gracefully through the water"
in a respectful and dignified way.
“I will gracefully bow out of the discussion”


Sounds like a good way to characterize our plan… I hope we don’t have any ungraceful stumbles.

Thanks, I will look forward to it.

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I like your set up with the different colors and icons. how did you get the map and weather forecast working? and are you using your own custom CCS for the icons?

Any updates on the release of Action Tiles?


The map/forecast was done using these instructions: Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas - #1169 by kevin

And yes, I’m using custom CSS. There’s a lot of info in the link above.