SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

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Yes, or add a bunch of blank tiles and push it off screen.

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@tgauchat hi there. I think I got completely stuck with CSS and &t=120 params. No matter what I do, no matter where I stick them nothing happens. The documentation seems to be outdated, at least for CSS it asks to replace UI in the Dashboard URL with CSS, but there is no UI in any of the URLs. Could you please shed some light on what I might be doing wrong and what’s the secret here? Thank you!!

Yah… the Docs are out of date as we are focusing on V6.

Access to the CSS Page is now on the Tools Tile (i.e., the Tile “…”) directly from your Dashboard.

The “t=120” parameter is no longer applicable.

thanks. I am currently trying to set this CSS without any luck:
.tile.momentary [data-device=‘eeec51c0-eb2d-4848-af67-0ed9af4a159d’] {background-color: white;}

If I remove data-device part in square brackets then all momentary switches become white. The device ID is the one I took from the IDE Log view that appears when pressing the momentary switch. What could I be doing wrong here?

The SmartTiles CSS experts are over in this Topic… Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

Thanks. I posted there. I hope someone will reply.

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Well I did it, I touched my main screen setup and now it’s no Oauth time :persevere: Turned both the house tablets off until v6. Yes, you WILL get another donation!

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Just FYI for anyone who is looking to manage the CSS or Tile Order. As I stated here:

you can manage your Tile Order or the CSS just by putting at the end of your authenticated launch URL:

  1. CSS = “/css?launch”
  2. Tile Order = “/list?launch”


Mine just failed as well. The multi step authorisation sucks. Can’t wait for v6!

Verry appreciated to get V6 verry soon. Actually SmartTiles isn’t really helpful, unfortunately!

Not sure what you’re asking???

I seem to be having an issue now where when I create a new smarttile Launcher dashboard, then select “launch” it then it asks for my smartthings email and password.

can’t seem to keep it “remembering” my info. every time I select the launcher link from my Iphone, it asks for my credentials again…

Am I doing something wrong?

Or is a new “feature” with smarttiles?


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If you are using the Launcher URL, SmartThings will know if you have a still-valid IDE Login Session and not request your email/password again. Unfortunately, sessions have ridiculously short lifespans so users are faced with the login prompt quite frequently.

This is definitely not a “feature” of SmartTiles. This is a temporary limitation of Version 5.x due to the security requirements imposed upon us by SmartThings. We are accelerating development and testing of the next generation of SmartTiles (“V6”) which handles login sessions outside of SmartThings.

We will have much greater control over login session management, including very long-lived sessions if the user opts to use them.

Appreciate your understanding and patience.

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okay… that’s cool… I’ll just wait it out till v6

thanks for the quick response.

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Hey there @suprdave04 I’m sorry you are having such trouble!

I posted a little how to guide up above, #241

I outlined how to get an iOS device to remember your login details. Please take a look at that, hope it helps.


Thanks for the info!

The situation to enter the email and password all the time is really exhausting. Although the workaround to safe those information in the browser doesn’t help much.
But I know it’s not your fault. But that makes the situation not really better :neutral_face:

Hopefully V6 is stable enough soon. Thanks for the good work and keep it up! :+1:

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Hey @tgauchat, can we at least get a hint as to v6 timing? This summer, Fall, Winter… next year…

Inquiring minds want (need) to know


We’ve just started the super secret Beta Program with a very small number of high donor invitees (shhhhh… :speak_no_evil:).

Within a week or two, @625alex and I will ask them how ready / close we are for release. Only real users will be able to give us an unbiased opinion — whether we like it or not :hear_no_evil: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.