SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7: Release March 2, 2016

na02 server did the trick for me. Also, the new multiple dashboards are awesome. Thanks! Setting up now.

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There are certainly Android tablets that you can get at regular price for less than the Fire at regular price, AND these other Android tablets are actually Android, and don’t require any mods to get them to work properly with something like SmartTiles.

I recently got an Amazon Fire for testing, etc, but now it is sitting on my projects shelf, because, in light of all the talk around here about what all needs to be done just to use them, I knew I don’t have time for that, and I just need something I can open up, install a few apps, point them to SmartTiles URLs, and mount them on the wall.

The main reasons I can see to go with Amazon Fires are for having a consistent piece of hardware from a reliable maker; i.e. once ya figure it all out, I assume it’s not so bad to go through that process each time we’d add a new one.

Certainly not the cheapest viable option though.

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How about $599.00?

Oh…actually not sure if this is SmartTiles compatible… :wink:

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###Please note this important update.

If you like SmartTiles, be sure to install it for each of the “Locations” under your Account, ASAP; as well as recommending it to your fellow SmartThings users and friends.


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I have a few questions regarding SHM and Mode Tile’s CSS.

SHM Tile
I want to modify the SHM tile (background color, color of text, color of icon, icon, etc), what is the name of the tile I should you us in CSS to accomplish this? What lines of code I should use to change each item (background color, color of text, color of icon, icon) for each state (disarmed, armed(away), armed(stay))?

Mode Tile
I am able to modify the mode tile backrgoung color and text color using the code below. However, I would like to add an icon (and color) to each of my custom modes as well as the defaults (Home, Night & Away). I’vr tried several combination of code to see if I get the icon to appear without luck. Any help?

.mode.tile[data-mode=“Stay Night”] {background-color:#808080; color:#FF0000} (this one works to change the colors)

.icon.mode[data-mode=“Stay Night”] i::before {content: “”} (I tried this one to change the icon but doesn’t work)

Hi Gabriel …

May I ask that you move your post to this other Topic below which is mostly focused on custom CSS (well, and mounting hardware ideas, at the moment)? You’ll find lots of helpful tips there … and helpful suggestions! Thanks!

I added a few too many Blank Tiles and I can’t find a way to remove them. I go into Tile Arrangement and I see the X next to the Blank Tiles but I’m unable to tap it to remove. I’ve tried to press and hold and also press it with a stylus to make sure I’m hitting it accurately. Am I removing it correctly or is there another method to remove these?

The “X” should work, but Blank Tiles are a pretty new feature, so you may have found a bug.

The particulars of what type of mobile or tablet you are using, the browser and OS version, etc., will also contribute unknowns here. If you know how to capture Live Logging, that’s also possibly helpful.

Please collect what information you can, and drop me a line at:

Thanks, I just tired it on a different device and it worked fine. I probably should have tried that first.

The device it was not working on was a Samsung Note 4 with Chrome 49.0.2623.105 as the default browser (I’m not sure if it uses the default browser or some other webview type component when loading). I didn’t see anything in Live Logging when trying to press the X so it’s probably something with the browser. If you are interested in collecting any more info, let me know. Doesn’t seem like anyone else had the issue yet, so probably not a big deal.

Anyways, it worked on the other device so I’m happy everything is working now. Thanks for the awesome interface, I’ll definitely be donating to the project!

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I’ve really been loving SmartTiles but just recently my Event History has stopped displaying. On a browser it reports:

{“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

and on live logs it says:

3597a6e8-437d-49ed-afd2-557c25660f1a 16:27:10: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 432400586061943 @ line 1331

Any help appreciated with understanding where the problem could be…

If the event history is taking more than 20 seconds, it will fail.

SmartThings has a timeout of 20 seconds for any action.

With that said, mine is also doing it. I’m not sure if there is too much stuff in the event history and that’s causing the 20 second timeout or if it’s just another symptom of the application state issue we are all experiencing.

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How many Tiles are on the Dashboard?

We ought to add filtering of some Event types that are low value, but this problem isn’t too widespread yet and will be handled differently in SmartTiles V6 anyway.

The biggest offender I have flooding my Event History is the Power readings (watts) from SmartThings Outlet (most plugged in stuff fluctuates every few seconds); but that can be improved in the Device Type Handler itself.

The 20 seconds execution limit was arbitrarily set by SmartThings and I don’t think it is based on actual CPU usage; so if the platform itself is bogged down (as we know it has…) then less and less can be accomplished in 20 real-world seconds. :confounded:

Thanks for your help. There are 52 tiles on the dashboard, but many of these are displaying multiple data items from the same device (Aeon multisensors). There’s actually not a huge event data volume from anything - many of the sensors are on batteries. Any idea how to debug further?

Nah… The line number in the Live Logging details is already confirming this is just a timeout in the duration it is taking to fetch Events.

We may have to consider coding something creative to workaround the 20 seconds limitation; though it is more likely to go away when/if the platform performance improves. It has been very slow the past few days… 3-5 seconds latency for a motion sensor to trigger a light switch?!

SmartThings is unlikely to grant a longer execution time limit, because they took the easy way on this one, I think, and do not actually calculate CPU usage, which is much more important. Event data is a database fetch… Low CPU, but high I/O… Different resources involved.

That’s why we are making big changes to SmartTiles V6 in the back end processes.

Ok - thanks for the rapid follow up, it’s not a huge issue. When do you expect to release V6? Love the app!

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At the rate we’re going, I’m thinking of renaming it “V17” :wink:!

Nah… SmartTiles has a policy of not specifying dates that we are not extremely confident about.

So… in a few weeks then?


lol :slight_smile:

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Yes, it will be released on Monday.


After just reading the comments about ‘Monday’ in the Melt-Down thread, this is so funny lol :slight_smile:

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