SmartThings/Zwave with Insteon Hub

So my house burned down last year and was fully automated using Insteon/X10 (but prirmarily Insteon.) This time around I am going to be doing Insteon for all the lights and garage door/water sensors, etc, but SmartThings plus Z-wave for security (since Insteon doesn’t do security) such as door locks/security system. My plan is to use an ISY to bridge the zwave/Insteon worlds. My house isn’t quite to the point where I can start the project but I’ve already got everything purchased. Has anyone does this before, and if so, any tips? My hope is I can pass commands/scenes from Insteon to SmartThings and get confirmations back, etc. The plan is to use Cortana/Amazon Echo voice control and be able to say ‘goodnight’ and have all the lights turn off, garage door close if open (Insteon) and have the security system arm, doors all lock and provide confirmation. So, fingers crossed!

I recommend non-networked smoke detectors,
in addition to networked smoke detectors.

The fire was started by a BBQ on the back porch, which is a covered back porch. The fire went up the outside wall and into the covered porch and into the attic, so the fire alarms never went off as there was no smoke inside. Thankfully we were still awake and upstairs and it sounded like really loud hail hitting the roof so we looked out the back window to see the hail and instead saw a wall of fire, so we grabbed the kids and got out. That said we’re going to add some smoke detectors in the attic.