SmartThings wifi hub - how to change wifi channel?

I am having a lot of overlapping wifi networks on the same channel and need to switch channels to check if it fixes things. I couldn’t figure out how to change these settings. I have tried using both Plume and the SmartThings app but couldn’t get to it.

The router dictates the channel, not the client

I am talking about the SmartThings wifi hub. The Plume and SmartThings app are the ones that I used to setup and configure my wifi. There is no other router I have.

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The Wifi channel is not configurable. I am not aware of a consumer mesh Wi-fi system that allows for Wifi Channel selection.

Thank you for responding… Just out of curiosity - is this because it’s a “consumer” device and therefore they try to make it as cheap as possible or is it because it’s a “mesh” system which for technical reasons does not allow you to change channel?

This kind of sucks though…So what’s the solution if you have clashing channels? Not use this device?

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My understanding is that Plume is supposed to detect interference and adjust the frequency band as needed.

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I can’t speak for all manufacturers or even Samsung. I believe the reasoning is to keep things as simple as possible for the consumer and because the devices should be better equipped to handle this than most users.

Cisco Meraki does allow users to change the wireless channel for their APs yet provides the following advisement against doing so:

Allowing Cisco Meraki APs to automatically converge using our proprietary routing protocols and mesh network software mitigates the need for additional configurations, RF Planning and cumbersome wireless site surveys. It is not recommended to manually change channels in a mesh network unless absolutely necessary.

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Ubiquiti allows you to change WiFi channels, but then it was originally intended for commercial applications, not residential, and both the steps and the documentation can be very technical.

I would also add that any dual router which does not allow you to select between 2.4 and 5.0 is unlikely to let you assign channels as the available choices are different between the two bands. :wink:

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If you have clashing channels, the management software in the ones that don’t allow user control is supposed to detect that on its own and make adjustments as needed.

Eero does this pretty well, not perfect. I’m not sure about SmartThings with Plume, I’ve never seen a report either way.

Makes sense…agree that it doesn’t make sense to have an end consumer fiddle around with changing channels but if a manufacturer has not implemented the functionality correctly then the only option is we have to get in and do it ourselves.

For example, I see that in my case there are lots of overlapping channels and I’m not sure if ST/Plume is doing anything to fix it. Of course I’m not looking at the screens every hour of every day… It will be interesting to see if any logs exist which could prove one way or the other.

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My problem is I have some LiFX bulbs that I ordered through the US when it wasn’t available in AU yet, my ST Hub seem to prefer ch13 all the time and the US region bulbs do not support ch 13 and i lose connection to them all the time.

If I reboot the WifiHub it goes back to ch1 but then after a short while will go back to ch13.

Updated: A support representative recently confirmed with me that there is currently no way to select the channel.

Channel selection seems to be missing. I came across this as well because our ST wifi hub shows up in scans operating with bonded 20+20Mhz channels in the 2.4Ghz range. I can’t seem to change this either.

Would be great if they introduced an “advanced” mode for managing this hub. Even an on/off compatibility setting would be nice in my case but I’d also prefer to have control over individual channels.