Smartthings wifi: 2nd generation (ET-WV525KWEGUS)


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #81

I feared hearing this.

I use Sonic (Fibre) in my area, so we’ll find out soon if I have the same issue.

(smarsh) #82

Samsung support finally had me using Plume to toggle the network settings (router only vs auto) and then power cycle the modem. This worked, and now the ST Wifi is a router and controls the entire network, including ethernet devices plugged into a switch (which is plugged into the ST hub ‘out’ port). So overall happy now.

(smarsh) #83

Plume was the secret sauce to get everything working (Samsung support told me how to do it). So the entire home network now run by ST Wifi hub, which also is my new ST hub. So got rid of the old ST hub as well as the intermediary router (but did add a switch for the ethernet devices).

(Jkessle2) #84

So does the new SmartThings app recognize additional devices on WiFi hub that aren’t recognized on regular even V3 smart hub? I have lohas lights and I need them, but I still haven’t seen anyone mention increased device compatibility with WiFi hub vs smart hub V3 alone.

(Jimmy) #85

the wifi hub doesn’t support any extra devices than the normal hubs. The new app supports many more wifi/cloud devices than the classic app(Samsung appliance and cloud-to-cloud connections). It’s two independent feature sets.

(Jkessle2) #86

That’s what I thought. Thanks.

(SW) #87

In researching the Backhaul issue, it looks like Plume released a software update that does allow for Backhaul, I’ve put my order in for a set of 3 pucks, this was my biggest issue:

In addition, this Plume software update will provide families with Wi-Fi roaming performance enhancements and Wired Backhaul support, enabling faster speeds and a more seamless streaming handover with stable network connection.

(Uno) #88
  1. These routers being AC1300 only, has anyone compared speeds with a higher end dedicated router?
  2. I would like to have better wifi speeds throughout the house AND better z-wave/zigbee coverage. Is it possible to turn off the wifi but just use it as a zigbee/z-wave repeater? I know both ZW and zigbee form their own mesh-like device-to-device network but for quicker response times, I was thinking it may be a better idea to have the 3-4 ST wifi hubs as repeaters for ZV and zigbee. (unless there are better ZW/Zigbee standalone repeaters that I can use with a central ST v3 hub)

I would rather use Ubiquiti AC Pro or LR routers for faster and better wifi coverage.

(Uno) #89

I don’t understand. Can you please elaborate? Doesn’t each wifi hub has its own z-wave and zigbee antennas built in? so if cjc200 did want to place a sub hub far away, shouldn’t that also connect zwave and zigbee devices near it and in to the same “location” as the other two sub hubs?

(Jimmy) #90

One satellite is the main hub and all the others only act as wireless repeaters for zwave and zigbee. Think of them as any other zwave or zigbee repeater.

(Uno) #91

oh ok, got it! Thanks.

(Greg) #92

Curious, have we been able to determine if the ST hub within ST Wifi is essentially v3 or a pared down version of v3?