SmartThings Web Interface

I (and most likely others too) would be perfectly happy if ST would fully integrate (including device management) with at least one of the 3rd party tools like Domoticz or openHAB. No need to create something from scratch.

I’m here to support a feature request not to calculate odds :smile:
The more support it gets the more likely to have it implemented.

For me personally it is one of the things stopping me getting ST.

At the moment there is lack of extra devices that are fully supported such as energy monitors specificlly for the UK, the lack of a web interface is a big one because thats how I like to check on things as I’m normally infront of my PC but not my phone.

Another pretty invested user here. While I like a lot of benefits ST provides, the above conversations represent pretty important objectives in my mind for the peace of mind and redundancy of the service for the user.

Any update on the status of the web interface? Also, I’m a business and work with residential customers to establish home automation for them … does your planned web interface have the option to manage multiple hubs? On the VeraPlus you can enter multiple hubs on the web interface and this makes helping manage customers’ home networks a breeze … surely would be nice if the SmartThings hub web interface was similar …

I think ST has overlooked that a lot of their customers may work for DoD or Federal agencies that do not allow personal electronic devices (cell phones or tablets) usage on government facilities. This lack of web support prevent those users from controlling/monitoring their household from work.

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As a new user of Smarttings and home automation I came across this thread during my own hunt for a web interface. The IOS interface is all very well but I spend a lot more time infront of a desktop and laptop and I’d much rather make use of the increased real estate available. Would be much nicer than squinting at the tiny phone screen. Do any of the other hubs have a web interface?

Vera has a web interface as its primary means of configuring it and device views.

5 years later there’s no web interface. Is smartthings still planning on adding this feature and if so how many decades should we expect to wait for it?

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Hello 6 Years later, do you know if it’S possible to program smartthings with a web interface or an apps on a macbook or windows?
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