[Release] Air Quality Station DTH updated from WAQI

With this new DTH you can get info from WAQI stations all over the world.

No smartapp needed.

Install the DTH in your IDE and create a new device type LAMS Air Quality.

To sync the DTH needs an API Token that you can get in this web.

Go to the new app

In the DTH device’s preferences fill the fields:

City (without spaces ex: newyork). This fields also accepts values like @StationId (ex: @10814) and geo:lat;long (ex: geo:41.36;6.34).

The field with the API Token from aquicn.com

And finally choose your system of measurement.

That’s all.

The DTH is still in progress I need to solve some poblems, the inactive icon or the sliders of the custom capabilities (i would like to show one like the themperature or PM25 with gradient colors). Hepl for this would be appreciated.


Can someone explain to me how to get this card slider

tile bueno

instead of this one

tile malo

I have tried different presentations but there is no way to get it

I would also like to know why the icon always appears inactive in gray instead of black.

Thank you.

Very nice. I currently have a webcore piston to get this info on a device but this gives more information. thanks!

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I installed your DTH and it creates a nice display of the current data.
Is it possible to change the display from metric units to the imperial units that are used in the US.

Wondered the same thing but noticed the site which the data is drawn from uses metric, so I guess the answer would be no

I have updated the DTH. Now in preferences you have a field to choose your system of measurement. if you select Imperial the DTH will show temp in °F and wind speed in mph.

I cannot change air presure because the card is designed to show values between 800 and 1100 hPa (the same as mb).

Relative humidity remains the same %

I have also corrected the rest of the units, all of them are AQI values. Those values are calculated as explained here:

Please report if you find a mistake.

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Thanks for the update. The imperial values make it more usable for Americans.

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This is great. Thank you for sharing.

I am not seeing the metric/imperial option in settings. It doesn’t look like that update is in the code linked to in the first post? Any suggestions?

I google his DHT and found it that way.


I poked around the GitHub library. Here’s the current code:

Thank you Nezmo. I have also updated the first post.

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Updated with correct capabilities.

After updating the device handler yesterday the device is stuck on checking for air quality, dust level, and carbon monoxide concentration in the app. However the IDE is showing these correctly

Hi Troy,

Try to delete your devices and create new ones. The DTH is almost new and has custom capabilities. And be patient with the new app, sometimes it takes up to 48 hours to update new capabilities if the DTH have used them before.

Best regards.

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Thanks. Actually didn’t have to do anything…just started working on its on

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