Smartthings + Total Connect 2.0

Has anyone used TotalConnect 2.0 app with Z-Wave and SmartThings? I’m looking for their experience. I’m trying to get one app for my wife to use to control Z-Wave, Camera’s, and security alarm.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Take a look here. I don’t use the TC 2.0 app anymore. I use the smartapp from the following thread. It’s awesome.

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I hate to show what a newbie I am, and I’m pretty confused after reading your reply. What I do know (now) is it looks like what I’m wanting to do is possible and it appears you have done it!

I want to arm and disarm my Total Connect 2.0 system when my “good night” and “good morning” routines are triggered. I would also like the ability to arm/disarm based on mode (away/home).

Can you help me understand in newbie language what I need to do in order to get ST talking to TC 2.0 to achieve this? For what it’s worth, I have created 1 DH in the IDE, that’s the extent of my knowledge with the exception of adding devices and SmartApps.

Thanks in advance,


I don’t use TC anymore. I recently ended my monitoring contract and replaced the alarm panel myself and integrated it into Smartthings using my Linux server and an Envisalink. There is a thread about it on here but I don’t have the link handy. But if you are interested in using TC check out the other thread I linked.