SmartThings Smart Lock Guest Access - Disappeared (January 17, 2023)

We’ve been using SmartThings Smart Lock Guest Access for some time now without a hitch.

This morning, it disappeared from our Favorites on multiple phones and multiple hubs.

In Favorites, clicking Add > Services > Scroll to the Bottom > Click Smart Lock Guest Access: We get a popup stating “There was a problem connecting. Try again later.

Guessing/Hoping it’s a problem a SmartThings’ end.

Better yet, “hoping” they are transitioning to a Locally Run App :wink:


Same here…. It is missing but will wait to see what happens.


same. I tried re-adding it in the app and it failed with a download error.


Same here - this is an emergency now. @SmartThings Please address immediately - We have people waiting in the cold with no code to get in.


Waiting is the only thing we really can do.

Is anyone having a problem wirh slga? On my phone it seems to have uninstalled itself & now it gives me errors when i try to reinstall it.

Ok thanks. Didnt see that.

Same issue on one location… fine on another

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers. It’s not officially monitored, except for some developer issues. And I believe the @smartthings account is just a generic one used for posting announcements: I don’t think anybody is paying attention to notifications for it. :thinking:

The best thing is for anyone who is having a problem to contact support directly and open an official support ticket. The more people who do, the more likely they will assign resources to look into it.

Contact options are at the bottom of the following page:


I opened SmartThings to add a guest code and my Smart Lock Guest Access app was no longer visible in my iOS app. I updated the app and the card to install it appeared but the install never completed. I’ve had this smart app installed for years and rely on it weekly. Please help resolve.

Same problem here. It happened this morning. Also, I did the same as you guys, I updated the app and the card to install it appeared but the install never completed. I got a popup stating “There was a problem connecting. Try again later.” PLEASE HELP!!!

Same issue here … the “ Guest lock …blah blah blah “ is no longer available…
By starting the app the “Guest lock blah blah blah” is trying to load but disappeared after a half second !!

kind of a shame whats going on with Samsung …. Are they concentrating their stuff on fridges and dishwasher only now ?

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Smart lock guest access is not working! i am trying to re install it from the new “add service” section on the smart things app and it’s coming up with "there was a problem connecting, try again later. I have 19 smart locks that can now not be programmed for guests checking in. We was using RBOY RLA and this went down. Was advised to use Smart lock guest access and now have no access, complete balls up.

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Same thing on my end. I cant reinstall smart lock guest access. Thinking its on samaungs end.

I really wish rboy & samsung could get thier act together, but if i had to guess… the blame lies more with samsung the rboy because other then the issue with groovy, rboy has been consistent with support for his software. I would only say his issue is with communication but i know i read a post from eric inovelli & they really cant say anything because of a NDA.


Same here. Recently started using SLGA because RLA stopped working. Now SLGA won’t work either. It’s no longer appearing under the Life icon, and doesn’t show up in the list of apps to Add. But when I login to my Smarthings via computer ( it shows up under Automations & Beta. But when I click it, I get error message: “ says ERROR: Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I have 2 other people sharing our Smartthings, and we need it working ASAP to manage our rental property locks.

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I know the following won’t be of any immediate help to people having issues rightnow, but I thought I would pass it along because this community member says that an alternative integration is still working for them this morning. So that’s good news, because it sounds like the cloud functions are OK, it’s the app integration that’s broken. at least that should be easier to fix. :thinking:


Same here … i can confirm…

Good to know @JDRoberts and thank you for the information !

I just submitted an Error Report from my phone and referenced this link within:

As @JDRoberts said, “the more people who report the error, the more likely they will assign resources

Here’s How:
SmartThings > Menu > Contact Us > Error Reports > Other >

Thanks @JDRoberts !!!