Smartthings --> Simulated Switch --> IFTTT --> Smart Life - IFTTT Running Without Input

I am running the Integration between Smartthings and smartlife using IFTTT for a light switch(non-dimmer). I have 4 applets to manage the connection:

  • If ST simulated switch is turned on, turn SL switch on
  • If ST simulated switch is turned off, turn SL switch off
  • If SL switch is turned on, turn ST simulated switch on
  • If SL switch is turned off, turn ST simulated switch off

As far as the connection goes, it works perfectly. When I turn either side on or off, the device/connected app works accordingly.

Problem: Intermittently, the IFTTT applets will run without input. This means that the light switch turns on and off throughout the day without my prompting it.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Many people, including myself, have been experiencing these issues for some weeks now on the IFTTT side. One thing I did was turned off the applets going from IFTTT to ST and only use ST to IFTTT to get rid of the hourly execution of devices… Mainly the coffee maker (talk about a nightmare).

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That makes sense…and is annoying. Thanks for your response.

I’m still getting my feet wet in ST, so I’m getting a feel for what is possible. Is there an alternate method to connect that I’m overlooking(as opposed to using IFTTT?)

It all depends on what the exact devices are. So if you can list model/model numbers of the devices you’re referencing, I can try to assist further. If you use Alexa devices, you can use Alexa as a man in the middle, instead of IFTTT. If they’re just tuya products, the only real option now for ST integration (since Globe Suite has closed off their integration to anything that isn’t their own brand) is flashing tasmota. It is about the only real way to get around the tuya cloud dependency.

Here is the exact switch I have:

I don’t know how to find any other info besides what’s on this page. I’m guessing there aren’t many options…?

It looks like using Alexa would be the only other option, besides IFTTT.

It’s possible to flash with Tasmota (template) and use Tasmota (Connect) SmartApp.

I’ve zero experience or knowledge on how to do that…I’ll have to see if I can learn…

@saosinx88 I’ve looked at a few of the links on using Alexa…are you familiar with which set of instructions works the best?


I’m super new to this kind of stuff. Are there instructions on fashing using the template you provided above?


Tasmota “Getting Started” and youtube.