SmartThings - Run script if an event is added to Google Calendar or iOS Calendar?

Hello everyone!

I’m relatively new to Smarthings and a have been a lurker here, finally decided to post!
I am familiar with computer code, but by no means an expert.

I have a SONOS 5.1 system and an iPhone.

This is what I want done:
add event to iOS calendar/Google calendar
SONOS will play a short MP3 file, then go back to TV (line in on soundbar).

I know IFTT has this ability, but it lags pretty badly and doesn’t return to the TV. I currently just have the short MP3 file as a “favorite” so it can play when any event is added to my calendar.

Any suggestions?

I tried GCal, but it did not work for me.
I installed it via IDE, but I got an error message and could not provide my Google sign-in credentials.

Read the full thread, it talks about that too