SmartThings on TV

I just saw a video from CNN on Youtube, the Savannah College of Art and Design created what they call SCAD Pads: small semi-mobile homes for reclaiming space “wasted” by parking structures. Check out at ~2:25 to see the system they are using for control.. Too bad they didn’t really talk about it. I’d like some of those windows.

I had trouble with the original link…but I did find the video. Very cool window film. Anyone know where to find it? Here is another attempt at a link to the YouTube video in case others have the same problem… Hopefully it works for others.

@bdahlem - Brian, thanks for posting this! Nice find!

Here is one I know about.

Yeah, but like most of their stuff, it’s “coming soon”. I actually searched a bit myself and found a company selling it: but, at about $100 per square foot, even my small windows are out of the question. I did like the connector they had for wiring up to sliding windows though.

We did talk about the SCAD Pad project with them but ultimately they did it all themselves. There are a number of interesting window film solutions, including one from Aeon Labs that I saw a couple years ago at CES. I think these will keep getting more affordable.

Unfortunately, if you have modern, dual pane windows, tinted film is not an option. The pressure from the heat build up will eventually damage their seal.

I wonder how they got the parking garage stink out of it when they converted it. Tires/oil/gas mixed with hobo pee. Not my idea of ‘home’