SmartThings on TV

(Brian Dahlem) #1

I just saw a video from CNN on Youtube, the Savannah College of Art and Design created what they call SCAD Pads: small semi-mobile homes for reclaiming space “wasted” by parking structures. Check out at ~2:25 to see the system they are using for control.. Too bad they didn’t really talk about it. I’d like some of those windows.

(Dan) #2

I had trouble with the original link…but I did find the video. Very cool window film. Anyone know where to find it? Here is another attempt at a link to the YouTube video in case others have the same problem… Hopefully it works for others.

@bdahlem - Brian, thanks for posting this! Nice find!

(Matt) #3

Here is one I know about.

(Brian Dahlem) #4

Yeah, but like most of their stuff, it’s “coming soon”. I actually searched a bit myself and found a company selling it: but, at about $100 per square foot, even my small windows are out of the question. I did like the connector they had for wiring up to sliding windows though.

(Ben Edwards) #5

We did talk about the SCAD Pad project with them but ultimately they did it all themselves. There are a number of interesting window film solutions, including one from Aeon Labs that I saw a couple years ago at CES. I think these will keep getting more affordable.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #6

Unfortunately, if you have modern, dual pane windows, tinted film is not an option. The pressure from the heat build up will eventually damage their seal.

(Brian) #7

I wonder how they got the parking garage stink out of it when they converted it. Tires/oil/gas mixed with hobo pee. Not my idea of ‘home’