SmartThings - It's garbage, isn't it?

I’ve been using SmartThings for a number of years now, suffered through the terrible Classic app that couldn’t get worse, until we saw the “new” app. It took something like 2 years before that became even remotely usable and I’ve been “herding” devices and automations ever since.

Recently all cloud automations have become unpredictable, unreliable and my automations may as well not exist. I thought I had the minimal set of off-site devices - deliberately selected local device handlers over cloud ones - and tried to minimise the amount of reliance on the Samsung infrastructure, but it’s now (over the last few months) so randomly broken (with zero error reporting) as to be a joke.

Before the fanbois jump, my 'net connection is highly reliable, connectivity to elsewhere very good and whenever I manually connect to graph.*blah it’s OK on the web level. The backend, behiond the scenes though. Meh.

Who can sell me the benefits on a US-centric Hubitat gateway? The lack of requirement for external dependencies appeals…

You may want to ask this question over in the Hubitat Community:wink: