SmartThings Is Over Party

Thats false logic Joe. I may have paid $99 for the hub but also several thousand dollars in devices advertised to work with SmartThings. I would be happy to vote with my wallet and stop being entitled as you insist we are. However since I don’t see SmartThings offering to buy everything back, voting with my wallet as you put it, is false logic since SmartThings already has my money. So, since I cannot recover my investment I instead am going to chose to hold SmartThings accountable for those very statements and promises that led to my investment in the platform.

So to use your own logic, if you do not like what those of us who want to hold SmartThings accountable have to say, you are welcome to vote with your eyes and not read our posts.

Not reading post is flawed logic as then I guess anyone that disagrees with you is wrong. You can’t get anything else that works with other things as st does. And why is it allot don’t have the issues you and others are talking about. Maybe the common issue or reason is everyone’s ISP which st can’t control. They can’t control slow ISP latency on their network or overloaded network all not on their end of course. And you bought allot then sell them because I am sure you could recouped allot as some even on here would take them. My cell phone promises me to make calls but sometimes I can’t or they get dropped. My cable company can’t keep everything 100%. In fact what electronics or technology is 100% perfect. I’ll say none. Computers aren’t cell phones aren’t nor apps or anything else we use today. So why is this so different is my point. Microsoft claimed win 10 most reliable yet. But I still get shutdowns because of malfunction somewhere. And they have had two decades to get it right.

Great to hear, as i’ve had a pretty tough time recently. Apparently I’ve hit some kind of “LAN device limit” according to support and have integrated with too many devices so I’ve had to delete all my cameras to get back to something the resembles stability. Any ideas whether the beta covers this? TBH never heard of this limit until my hub started crashing every few minutes.

How many devices do you have?

In smartthings 200+, but I think this is mainly concerned with the number of connections via the ethernet point the hub can deal with. Support did not have clarity of what this number should be or how I can see or measure. They only confirmed that my hub is clearly behaving in a way they expect when it reaches this mysterious limit. They pointed at the 12 cameras I had attached and said it would be best to remove. I also removed the sonos integration as well. I still have dozens of other integrations like robots, harmony, hue, wifi presence and underfloor heating etc… which in my view were higher priority so I left those.

Exactly. The average consumer does not know they will need to rely upon the awesome community code developers here. The average consumer does not want to have to go looking for a code to do something and then try to figure out why the code does not work. ST is advertised at plug & play with no mention of coding experience needed. It is far from that. The average consumer won’t see all the issues that are presented here. They won’t see them for a simple reason, the hub will get unplugged and never used again once they realize it’s not plug & play ready. It’s easier to buy a Nest, Honeywell, etc smart thermostat and use a phone to control it. It’s easy to buy hue lights or other lights that doesn’t require a hub and control those from a phone. For the average consumer, all that ST really does is combine everything into one app. While that’s nice, it’s necessarily what will have them buying $99 hub.

Consumer grade LAN hubs / routers definitely have a limit to how many connections they can handle, whether they be WiFi or wired. The amount of traffic is not the only factor. Some LAN hubs / routers can be tuned to help address this to a certain extend, but often there’s no hope.

I wouldn’t jump to Support’s conclusion, though. Be sure to selectively remove a few ethernet devices and see if there is a correlated improvement in SmartThings.

Once that’s confirmed, you can invest in a higher-grade LAN Hub/Router and/or create subnets or VLANs, and other simple to complex solutions to solve the issue.

The average consumer is not on the forums. They get a hub some locks and sensors. All work. Most probably have 10 to 15 where myself and others here have over 200.


The average consumer is not aware they need the forum.

Correct because it just works for them. They are not connecting water valves fans and such. What they are connecting has a DTH that is developed by st and works.

I’m in the industry and current chipsets in consumer grade switches and routers are extremely capable and do not have any real restrictions that any average consumer will hit. If indeed what I’ve been told by support is true then it is clearly a smartthings limitation, possibly linked to the number of concurrent connections the device is able to juggle at the same time. Indeed, the removal of the cameras and sound does seem to have done the trick and given me some more stability.
(It might be an overkill but I do currently use enterprise grade network switches at home.)


Most of the issues I see are rooted in the firmware. Good firmware has almost always fixed the limitations.

My experience was that ST couldn’t reliably operate one z-wave outlet. One. Not a dozen. No complex routines. All I wanted it to do was turn a hardwired z-wave outlet on at a certain time. It was unable to reliably perform that task using SmartLighting or CoRE.

I’m not the only person who has experienced this, as evidenced by the numerous threads here, on reddit, and on the FB groups. I’m aware that all of the hub options have their warts. If you are a hardcore ST fanboy, that’s fine. Wave that flag buddy. But perhaps you could park your team spirit for 5 seconds and try to view the subject objectively?

My 200+ system didn’t already have reliability problems, otherwise i would not have grown it to this size. There’s no way being a fanboy means you put up with a non-working system. My experience shows that ST’s problems stem with not being able to stay consistently reliable. It can go for months with no issues then suddenly without warning go pear shaped. I 100% get the frustration people have when things go wrong, I’ve been through it as much as others have. But when it’s good, it’s marvellous. Kind of a love hate relationship.


I have over 200 devices working 98% just fine or I would have stopped way before I spent thousands. Is it perfect no but what is? I have many Smartthings routines that work just fine.

More shame, yes I am the bad guy and my problems with ST are all my fault.

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Buyer beware of any products own marketing. Comon it’s common sense. I read for days before I bought st and knew what I was possible getting into. That’s why I started with the starter pack and when it was working I started expanding for months. If you spent thousands all at once or worse after it didn’t work then yes that’s one you sorry for being blunt but I’m not the political correct type. Everything I buy I read as many reviews as I can. And none from the source.

You seem to acknowledge that the product has issues in one post, yet in others you claim it’s great and all of your stuff works perfect.

If you’re happy with what this product is able to accomplish for you, then that is great. Many of us are not pleased with our experience. Your perspective is no more valuable or correct than anyone else.

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You miss the point. I said 95% working and the issues I have are not 1st party related. My point is no tech does what advertised all the time bottom line. So much room for improvement but HA is a baby when it comes to tech.

Why are you such a ST apologizer? Anytime someone complains about anything, someone like you tries to shut them down. Didn’t you do your research? You should have, the internet has a lot of people complaining. If you don’t like their complaining, don’t use the internet.

Why can’t we attempt to hold ST accountable without someone “like you” telling us we are stupid.