Smartthings integration with Amazon Echo

I am brand new to this so be nice to me Please. I have a couple outlets, door sensors, light bulbs a smart switch integrated with a motion sensor. I set up a routine in smartthings and then I set up the same routine up with the Echo to get it to voice activate. The problem is the ST routine will log be in as away or home or night but the routine i set up on the Echo does not support this. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

To integrate more completely with ST, Alexa will need some help. Community developed apps askAlexa and Echosistant each are the bridge you are looking for.

You don’t need both however, they are similar but a little different.

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I believe a good solution would be to create a virtual switch (momentary button tile) that would trigger the routine you’d like. As far as the Echo routine I’d just delete it and use the switch. The community here is awesome, someone such as @JDRoberts will be along shortly to give you more details.

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You are not doing anything wrong. Alexa cannot execute any SmartThings Routines that Arm or Disarm SHM.

As was stated above. You would need to create a virtual switch in ST that you would run as a routine in Alexa, and when that switch turns on, then a Routine in SmartThings could then execute and perform the same tasks.


Hey Guys, thanks for the suggestions. That virtual switch thing sounds real cool, if I only knew how to make one. I will research that for sure.

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@RightHand gave you the link to the instructions for creating a virtual switch in post three. It’s pretty simple.

Once you create it, then it shows up on your things list just like a physical switch, or anywhere else that has a list of switches. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info. I just created a VS and am testing it now.

Sorry to bother you again, but is there a way in the ST app that I can tell what mode it is set to. eg home, away, night.

Never mind, I just found it.

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