SmartThings IDE Integration to Github may not be working because of password requirements

I wanted to post this so that others will be aware. Apparently since Github was acquired by Microsoft, they changed the password complexity requirements and that broke my SmartThings IDE Github Integration which was preventing Tony’s Community installer from updating and actually preventing any other apps from pulling updates. I had to screen shot all my repositories and disconnect and reconnect my Github Integration with SmartThings and then reenter all my repositories and then run updates.

So, the bottom line is that your Github Integration may not be working and it won’t be obvious. You will know if it is broken if you try to add any new repository and you get an “access denied”.


And this step (screen shots, especially of the “Settings” menu listing github repos) is very important. I had to do the disconnect/reconnect back in April and I didn’t do this step – it took me days to get all the repos reconfigured again.

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Could you have just updated your GitHub password?

@DITPL Brad, that was the first thing that I tried. After the password change, all the repositories were still inaccessible. It appeared to be something like a 0auth issue, but I was never able to track it down.

After almost six years with SmartThings, I ultimately bought a Hubitat Elevation hub. The experience has been beyond GREAT. All of the code resides on the hub including Webcore and all my Webcore pistons. Custom code and device handlers are also all hub based and “Hubitat Package Manager” checks for and updates code at my selection.

Now that all my automations are based locally and my interface is completely web based, there is no hopping back and forth between a flawed SmartThings mobile app and the IDE to get things done.

All of my devices and automations transitioned to Hubitat from SmartThings perfectly. The reason I made the move was in hearing that they planned to lock out Echo Speaks and other great community written code in favor of simplifying the user interface and making SmartThings easier to support for Samsung.

The customized dashboards, LAN based automations, and the speed and flawless execution of Hubitat have me totally hooked.


Thank you, I’m going to check it out!