Smartthings Hub & ZME UZB

I had a recommendation from to get a Z-stick to enable some OTA Firmware updates for my Inovelli switches. I purchased a USB stick, but admittedly I am clueless as to how to integrate this device into my Smartthings v2 Hub controlled system. I searched this forum, the page, and the web in general for some help, but I have not been able to find anything seemingly relevant on this topic. Has anyone used such a device and, if so, what are the basics of using it?

You wouldn’t normally be using that with smartthings platform, but the way that you would if you had one is to add it as a secondary controller to your existing smartthings hub. It will only know the devices that existed on the Z wave network at the time that it was added, it won’t pick up new ones.

Some people do do that in order to be able to use the mapping utilities available on the secondary.

See the following for a discussion of the basic approach, although with a different brand

FAQ: Is there a way to see the Zwave mesh network map?

But honestly, your best bet is to ask on the Inovelli forum.

Did you buy a Z-wave USB stick with a license for’s z-way-server?
If so, you need to install z-way-server with USB stick.
Once you do this, you need to go to Devices -> Manage with ExpertUI.
From the webpage that pops up select Network -> Control.
On that page you will find the option to have it join a network.
Hit add device on SmartThings and have z-way-server join the SmartThings network.
You aren’t selecting a very easy path to update OTA, but it is not impossible.