SmartThings hub v3 $59.84 at Amazon (12/17/18)

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Sorry to junk up this thread, but can anyone point me to a comparison between versions 1, 2, & 3?, what major (actually working) features are in 2 that weren’t in 1, and that are in 3 that weren’t in 2, etc.

I’m still using my version 1 hub.

I actually bought a version 2 hub at one point, but kept putting off doing the migration (thanks for the ‘migration tool’, SmartThings) for so long that I decided to just give it away (I was going to give my ver1 hub to my bro once I got the ver2 up and running, but just gave him the 2 instead).

Also, I’ve been sort of out-of-the-loop around here for a while after selling my house, and being basically homeless, bouncing around from hotels to friends’ houses to family, etc for the past so many months.

So, I had no idea that there even was a ver3 yet.

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