Smartthings Hub and VLANs

Can Smartthings communicate with devices across VLANs?

I have a VLAN setup for IoT devices and a seperate VLAN for my main LAN devices. I have VLC and BigTalker on my Main LAN and want Smartthings to communicate with it however it fails to connect to it. If they are on the same VLAN (subnet) it works fine. I can also successfully ping across VLANs and other devices i have on the IoT VLAN communicate fine with my main VLAN lan.

Any ideas?

The whole idea of vlans is to segregate netwok traffic
If they are truly vlans
You need a router to bridge between the vlans for smartthings to be able to ‘talk’ across vlans. With a decent router you should be able to restrict the cross traffic to the smartthings hub

ye i understand how VLANs works. i have a rule on my router which allows my smartthings hub on VLAN80 to communicate with a VLC (bigtalker) on a certain port on VLAN10.

they can ping each other but smartthings cannot connect with the VLC server.

I’m not sure which is used for VLC as I don’t use it myself

i’ve forwarded both UDP and TCP to test to a port which is specified in VLC server.

i’ve a few comments on other threads about Smartthings and VLANs where others have had problems due to multicast being blocked between VLANs causing the problem. looks like IGMP is one solution although not sure i can do that on my router.

Lan was restricted to local subnet only, sadly. Open a support ticket and complain.

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ye just spoke with support. no support for different subnet routing

I’m in the same boat. Since they use so little bandwidth and my IoT network isn’t saturated, I moved my Sonos speakers to my IoT VLAN. So far this is the only issues I’ve had regarding VLANs.