SmartThings Hub 2.0 Radios (Bluetooth or no?)

In the early discussions of the second SmartThings Hub, there was a lot of talk about supporting bluetooth (BLE, I believe).

But now that the hub is available for pre-order, its spec page and the announcement about it only mention the protocols in the current hub (ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP).

Did bluetooth get scrapped?

radio’s in there, but not enabled/implemented at this time.

I was wishing it was. Would be a much more reliable “presence” determination. Especially with family members that don’t have data on their phones.

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Which is amazing because I remember when hub V2 was first announced they started calling Zigbee and Z-Wave legacy. Wifi and BLE where going to be where it was at.

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You can do this indirectly even without a Bluetooth antenna in the hub. Just use an I Beacon and a receiving station app that can send a post to the IFTTT maker channel. or use beacon things with the smartrules paid app. Or use the occupancy approach with two devices, like a contact sensor and geopresence.

All of the following methods will work with the V one hub.

Discussion of the occupancy method using two devices to make geolocation region smaller and reducing the drop off problem:

General discussion of I beacons and smartthings and specific discussion of Dave glass’ method

Discussion of the new beaconthings paid app:

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