Im trying to simply get my TV to turn off when the “goodbye” action is triggered. It would be nice to have it turn on when when “good morning” is triggered too. I’ve read for a couple of hours and can’t get it sorted out. Can anyone help me with some step by step directions to accomplish this?

I have harmony connected to SmartThings and I have activities set up on my remote. I just need SmartThings to tell harmony to turn off the tv when I leave. It sounds so simple but I’m struggling…

Can anyone help me out?

Sure, we can help you in the project topic, which has step-by-step instructions. Please join us there.

@april please combine this with the existing active topic:

Finally got it all figured out. My confusion was with the virtual switch. Once I realized that I the switch didn’t actually need to control anything, it just needed to exist I was in the money. Thanks for the help!

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