Smartthings Hardware being licensed to Aeotec?

Smartthings camera is available in the USA, vision on eBay from Australia, and 360 from the UK right now
They aren’t amazing cameras and they feel cheap but they do have sound detection.

If/when Aeotec does actually upgrade the 2018-era V3 hub, I’d love to see the new Z-Wave Long Range spec included, too.

Z-Wave’s branding is slowly morphing into USB: the x00-series chips, Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave Plus V2, Z-Wave Long Range, etc. Ideally, they’ll wrap up LR + 700 into a “800” or a “900” chip soon.

For now, Long Range is being included in Z-Wave Plus V2, even though previous Z-Wave Plus V2 devices won’t have it.

“LR” (long range) Is different because it extends the number of allowed device IDs so that you can have thousands on one network. They said this is specifically because of the dramatic increase in sensors that many smart homes now have. But in order to make that work, even though they say it’s backwards compatible, it’s going to be tricky so that the addresses are recognizable for the routing.

Vesternet has a good explanation of the various currently available device terms:

And they are still using marketing terms as well as engineering terms.

So “Z wave plus“ is the same as “series 500“ and “Z wave plus V2” is the same as “series 700.“


LR is just a specification for now and will be indeed part of Z wave plus V2.

The new Z-Wave-LR specification will be managed and certified under the Z-Wave Plus V2 certification program. This currently requires the inclusion of the S2 security framework as well as SmartStart, a Z-Wave technology that enables simple setup and installation of Z-Wave devices by scanning a QR code.

Z wave alliance has said that there are currently three manufacturers in the alpha phase of testing LR, but they haven’t been named yet.

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