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Smartthings+Echo+Harmony Hub = Voice Controlled TV! (2016 version)

(Mike Whitaker) #112

I have a Hue dimmer running the living room Hue Beyonds, which has been imported in to ST via Hue (Re)Connect: it’s been named ‘living room lights’

Alexa, turn living room lights off - works fine
Alexa, turn living room lights on - clearly doesn’t know what to do
Alexa, turn living room lights to 100% - works fine

The interesting thing is that because ‘on’ doesn’t appear to be a concept for dimmer switches, she quite often mishears is as ‘off’!

(Stuart Duncan) #113

My Alexa hates the word Netflix.

“Alexa turn on netflix”

She goes mental and dosent do anything or say anything.

Change the “netflix” word to “video” word and she works.

Any idea?

(might be my fake name?) #114

I changed it to net flicks and it worked

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(Stuart Duncan) #115

Good idea. Thank you. Will try tonight

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(Stuart Rolland) #116

I am having issues with the voice commands, I can get alexa to “turn on the tv” but when I say “Watch TSN” she doesn’t recognise it though i do have that set as an automation in my harmony then smartthings app. Same if I say watch Netflix or anything else apart from turn on/off tv. I have got alexa to do toher things like turn on the kitchen light and the kettle so I’m not a n00b but getting her to switch channels or do any other harmony activities seems to be a problem, any suggestions? BTW the activities all work fine from the smartthings and harmony apps, so it’s just the Alexa part I’m stuck on.

(Marc) #117

Common issue. Please see the below thread. Use IFTTT or Ask Alexa.

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I also had to change mine to Net Flicks - as she didn’t like Netflix

Here is another riddle I have yet to solve…

I have an activity to Turn on Sky TV - works fine.

I have other activities to Mute or Pause TV - all work fine.

But if I use them - Harmony ‘switches’ to them and ‘turns off’ the ‘Turn on Sky TV’ activity. Now my TV doesn’t turn off when I activate ‘Mute’ for example - as I have configured the power settings.

But the issue I have - is because the ‘Turn on Sky TV’ is now not the ‘active’ activity running - I cannot tell Alexa to ‘Turn off Sky TV’. So I cannot turn off the TV.

If I look at the Harmony App - its because as far as its concerned the 'Turn on Sky TV’s is already off - and one of my Mute or Unmute activities is the one that’s running.

The work around is I have to re-say ‘Turn on Sky TV’ - so it becomes the ‘active’ activity - then say ‘Turn off Sky TV’ to turn off the TV.

I tried to create an Activity that just purely turns off the TV and does nothing else - but couldn’t figure it out in Harmony.

Anyone got a solution for this?

(Marc) #119

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Harmony. It’s activity based and you can only run one activity at a time. A lot of people have voiced complaints about the fact you can’t perform actions within an activity. IFTTT, Yonomi, Alexa, Smartthings, etc. all have the same challenge with Harmony.

(Chris ) #120

The alexa harmony integration gets around some of that. Not the mute, pause thing as if yet but it seems to be a lot more liberal in the naming. You can call one harmony activity multiple names so instead of remembering to say Alexa turn off cable I can say alexa turn off tv, television, cable etc…and you can turn channels without leaving an activity. As for turning things off IFTTT works great. I just say “alexa trigger off” and it shuts everything off that’s on regardless of what activity you’re in.

(Thang Trieu) #121

Thank you all for this wealth of knowledge. I am very new at this and just bought my SmartThing Hub, Logitech Harmony Hub and Echo. Could someone explain in detail how to set up “Activities” on the Harmony Hub software to create voice commands of On/Off and change channels?

Much appreciated!


(Michael) #122

After you play with this for a while you should check out an app called
Yonomi. It will integrate your Echo with your Logitech hub and most of the
process is automated for you. Its just another way to do it as there are
several options to make this all work.

(Chris ) #123

Echo and Harmony now have direct integration also.

(Thang Trieu) #124

Does that mean I do not have to relay to my Smart Think?

(Chris ) #125

You don’t. In the Alexa app you can link it to your Harmony account.

(Michael) #126

You probably need to play with all the different options since it really
depends on what all you want to do. Echo->Harmony, Echo->ST-> Harmony,
Echo->Yonomi->Harmony, and there is also IFTTT. Naming conventions are also

(Greg Ottira) #127

I just want to be able to say “G’nite Alexis” and have all my stuff turn off, you guys are taking to a whole other level. I can’t even figure out how to have the lights come on when I open the front door at night, well I got that but it always happens, I need it to happen when no ones home.

(Homie817) #128

@ Thang_Trieu, Echo and Harmony can now be linked together, no need for ST.

(K) #129

Hi thanks for the post, does this setup require extra ST Hub hardware or the Smarthub feature in the tv is enough?

(Don) #130

So am I missing the obvious, how do I make this happen? I have the Alexa and Harmony connection working (for basic things). The turn off TV (when we go to bed, goodnight routine) is the only thing I want smartthings to Harmony connection to do. I’m sure I’m looking right at how to do this, but it escapes me how.

(Brad) #131

Has anyone figured out the MUTE problem yet? The IFFT activities seem to make it look like you can do it, but other than leaving my AVR on all the time, and having it never turn on or off via activity, I don’t see a workaround for this because creating a “mute” activity (just to press the mute button) turns off the receiver and TV to do so.

Frustrating. I hope Harmony and Echo’s next version at the very least adds the in-activity functionality where you can define buttons to press while in an activity and custom phrases to go with it. Even a simple “Alexa, Mute” that connects to Harmony and mutes the TV would be prayers answered.