Smartthings display/keypad

I would really like a wall mounted status display or keypad for smartthings.

For example if we had a smoke alarm trigger, which sets off the sirens it will take going around the house trying to figure out which one it is that triggered, or bringing up the app on a mobile device.

Is there a smartthings display available? Yes I could buy a IPAD and wall mount it with the app running all the time I suppose, but is there another way?


Sure. We typically call that a “dashboard.“

There are many different options, some with a license fee, some offered for free.

These are all software, and then you provide your own WiFi phone or tablet to use with them. They are usually customizable, so you pick which devices to display.

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The most popular is probably actiontiles, but there are several others as well.

See the following recent discussion thread: (the topic title is a clickable link)

Note that a “keypad” is a physical device with buttons. It doesn’t display any information other than maybe a single indicator light. So I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. If you are, then we can discuss those options. This is a picture of a typical keypad:



The SmartThings App(s) are not optimized to be used for quick-use / always on dashboard panels. The new SmartThings App does make use of the phone notification bar, but still, not very powerful.

Give ActionTiles a try free for 14-Days. You can easily create any number of custom dashboards showing the information and controls that are most important to you (and customize the colors, icons, order of Tiles, etc.). Then access in any browser - cheap Fire HD8 tablets are popular, but so are iPads, etc…

Once they have discovered the power of our custom dashboard Panels, thousands of SmartThings & ActionTiles Customers have mounted and installed tablets for your use case and more.

To see what can be built with ActionTiles, browse our Customer shared Galleries:

And dive right into ActionTiles anytime:


I use action tiles, but for what you want you could just put all your devices in one room on the classic app like this, which I do for my alarm



I just saw your response. That looks Very cool!

I’m going to give it a try tonight and let you know how it works.

I have two hubs in two locations so it will be interesting how it works on my ADT hub and my “regular” hub.


ActionTiles is the coolest dashboard you can get for SmartThings.

You can complement the dashboard with a physical Keypad like JD mentioned and with a supporting app like LUM you can configure your keypad to run custom actions when you enter codes into it to say disarm the intrusion or turn off the alarm etc.


I ave just gotten done building a panel for my IPAD and another for my IPHONE using actiontiles

As far as I am concerned Actiontiles bridges the gap between the devices and the human. It does everything the smartthings app wishes it could do.

I frankly cannot believe that I did not discover this fantastic software/company earlier. I love it!

Now for example my fire alarms actually turn red and display a fire symbol if they detect smoke. Geez, something seeming so simple, made simple by a great inexpensive bit of software.

Now that I have done the hub on my boat, I’m going to do the one for my house, and then I’ll be getting a couple of androids, or similar small displays to make real alarm and control panels.

The photo shows what I was able to put together in a couple hours total, and that includes “learning curve” time.

Great product! Thanks!


You’re very welcome, @ksanders! (And I’m passing along the appreciation to the innovator / developer, co-founder @625alex!)

If you get a chance and not too much of an imposition, please consider a tremendous favor to us…

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