Smartthings Wall dashboard


I made a wall dashboard for my house out of an old iPad 3 that I had sitting around. I bought a flush in wall mount from Amazon to mount it near my back door
I’ve found that the smartthings app is much easier to use and much more asthetically pleasing than smart tiles. To power it, I ran a power cord through the wall and through my kitchen cabinets to an unused outlet that was hidden from view.

Mount link: In-Wall iPad Mount for iPad 2, 3, and 4


That tablet mounting looks great, @Tyler_Wright!

Please be sure to visit our Customer Feedback forum to express how we can make ActionTiles (SmartTiles is deprecated) easier and more “aesthetically pleasing”.

Of course, fashion preferences and requirements will differ: ActionTiles makes much more efficient use of minimal screen real-estate than the SmartThings App; and we offer many unique features (secure panel sharing, Themes, multiple views of the same Thing in different Tiles, …); but having those features naturally increases complexity.

We’re trying to find the optimal balance, and your feedback will help.


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Haha never even thought of that. I don’t use smartthings for security. Only lights and thermostat.


That’s why ActionTiles has “PIN Protected Tiles” (including PIN protection option for SHM control).


I don’t have the PIN on my AT disarm button but i do deactivate the button so no burglar can just press the tile unless it’s accompanied with an arrival sensor event.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about the operation of action tiles; everything works very well. Obviously, aesthetics is very subjective but my biggest issue was that I couldn’t set custom backgrounds.

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That’s helpful feedback - thanks! Indeed, it may not be something we can readily add to the design, but you’re not the first customer to ask for this or similar / related.

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When we you planning to release an appearance customization capability?

I kind of view actiontiles as the apple of interfaces. Consistent, simple, and polished. The other extreme is Housepanel, more like the android of interfaces. You can customize it to whatever you want but it’ll take a while to get it how you like, and it’s less polished. Housepanel is also a locally hosted website (with all the joys and frustrations that accompany that), and works with Hubitat, a local smart home automation hub.


Please do not take this the wrong way…

I do understand that predicament and how is it is to revert to it. It is a safe net for startup companies. I see this sadly quite too often due to my professional activity.
It demonstrates an inability to deliver that your customers will tolerate for a while but not for long…
You need to not loose sight what is important, your customers. When you build a product that you monetize you are building a product to your customer and not for you.
Additionally is evident that you lack a grasp understanding what is customer service. Your customers don’t want to hear, at all, go to our forums and vote. They have vouched their opinion through forums, social media, emails, etc they want to be heard and not be just 1 vote. Early adopters want to be heard and want to be felt as part of the development process, they want to be heard loud and see their feedback produce tangible results.

Lastly any company needs to be able to commit to their customers, at the moment you don’t seem like it. That is why any successful company as roadmap, as early announcements, etc. The bonus advantage that this bring is the additional revenue from additional users from the hype it creates.

I would say that after your initial hype when you launched your new users has probably line has flat out and us now probably declining. For those less familiar this means that month over month the amount of new users is less. For example 10 this month, 9 next month, etc.

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I have read your post…
Honestly the message it transfer across is that you spend a lot of time trying to justtify your choices (not accepting others view) but explaining how you going to execute you have not.

Example you have a feedback system and voting system (not discussing if it is the right approach or not, it is your choice so it needs to be respected) but you fail to inform your customers how that is being translated into real action. The message it transfers to the outside is that is only smoke and mirrors.

A simple note, with substance, informing the community that based on their feedback we have started looking into feature a or b and you expect it to be implemented by quarter 1 or 2…

You should demonstrate that you have a development process, as I’m sure you do,… Reassuring your Existing customers that they can keep thrusting you.

Just my 2 cents,

Good luck with development.

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