Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart WiFI System

Hi There, first post although I am already bought into the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem with a lot of new purchases for the new house. Link on that to follow.

I am looking at creating a new Wi-Fi mesh network in my new house and I was intrigued to find a few reviews (PCmag UK being one of them) stating that the Samsung option was a good easy way to go. I explored further and was impressed, but in searching for a purchase there was no where in the UK that was selling the product?

I spoke with the live chat team and they are unable to give me any release dates for the UK nor can they confirm if buying the product in the US and bringing it back to the UK would also work, has anyone done this? Can anyone see any issues in doing this? Does anyone know if there is a close release date for us in the UK?

My Smart Home endeavours so far -

I am also interested in this product for the UK if all the features worked. However, I am sure bringing the US version back is not worthwhile as it will not connect to z-wave, etc. devices in Europe which run on a different frequency. The power is also different and your warranty would be invalid etc.

As a standalone Wifi mesh router (that doesn’t integrate with smartthings compatible devices in Europe) I think this device is not a good option as there are much better WIFI mesh routers available out there.

For now expect it would be better to buy a really good mesh router for the UK and just attach 3/many smartthings UK hubs to each node which will work for most set-ups (particularly where you don’t need sensors under different nodes to interact with one another!).

I got pro The zwave is US band. But u can use zigbee
Also the power adapter is 110-240V.