SmartThings compared to Fibaro, Vera, Domoticz etc--a few specific integration questions


I´ve been interested in home automation for a couple of years and have tested a variety of controllers, including Fibaro Home Center 2, Micasa Verde Vera Edge, OpenHab, Domoticz.
They all work pretty well, but I haven´t found anyone that feels complete.

Smart things looks interesting since it has a nice layout and good support for devices and the community. I´m interested in buying either a Amazon Echo or Google Home and they seem to play along nice with Smart things as far as I´ve read.

What I feel is vague about smartthings (or perhaps it is due to lacking google skills), is how to write scenes / scenarios.
Basically, I want to be able to do things like this. Is it possible with smartthings without the need for additional servers or similar?

  • Get a notification via telegram when the dishwasher is done (the consumption is below for instance 4W for at least 3 minutes)
  • Start playing a Spotify playlist on my Sonos system in the bathroom as long as there is motion in there (+ ~10min) and as long as the hose isn´t in “we´re sleeping” mode
  • Start the heater for the car in the appropriate amount of time before leaving for work based on the outside temperature
  • Arm the house using a Zipato Keypad and send camera snapshots through Telegram if there is any motion detected in a selected number of sensors.

Unfortunately the SmartThings-lineup is not available in Sweden, but I can always order from Currys (UK) for example using Borderlinx since we share the same z-wave frequenzy.

Another question I thought of, with regards to that the Smartthings hub is cloud based. If I have a schedule to turn of my lights at sunset for example, will that work even if internet access is lost or is it completely dependent on a connection to aws?

I’m brand new to Smartthings so maybe not the best to answer but I have also been trying out Fibaro (and Lightify as I like the Osram RGBW)

I’ve had the Smartthings starter kit for less than a week but confident that everything on your list could be done. There are some very clever and active people on this community. Check out CoRE for starters - very powerful.

However, looks like most stuff IS done via the cloud and the problem seems to be the standard home automation issue of reliability! It does seem though that they are finally actively addressing the issue…

I’m a UK user and will be watching the next few months with interest :slight_smile:

I like the feel of the system and the community more than Fibaro and I know that if the HC2 physically goes wrong that I will be without any automation while it goes back to Poland!

Does telegram have IFTTT integration or a way to setup a traditional phone number?

This FAQ discusses the basic ways of setting up scenarios.

For specifics, there’s no question that core is currently the most powerful method:

If you have an android phone, the third-party app, sharp tools, allows you to create an integration between smart things and Tasker which then enables many third-party integrations.

Or, as others have mentioned, smartthings does have an IFTTT channel. And it allows you to create virtual switches. So once you combine those, you have a very powerful IFTTT function.