"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Just noticed…or actually… learned that when creating SHM rules response can’t handle more than 40 bulbs. Also it seems that if security response includes 39 bulbs, smoke response 39 bulbs, then leaks can’t handle more than 20 bulbs. If there is bulbs over that limit it disables sensors and home monitor shows it can’t be used.

Spent also hours of creating automations and scenes. Automations in new app works differently than I have used to with classic app. Needed to create automations when someone arrives home and system is disarmed. Also created automation when everyone leaves and system is armed. Also… created automation to handle nighttime (armed-stay)…and also created scenes/shortcuts for example when pressing shortcut x -> mode changes to home -> and then created automation when mode changes to home then SHM changes to disarm… AAAARrrrhhhgghghgghghhttttt… but I think I got it…
Tomorrow have to concentrate to webcore. Not sure can webore understand new apps modes/SHM status… then I need to change my pistons to be based on presence status more than SHM or MODE status.

WebCoRE is unable to manage arm/disarm in the new app at this point.

Ok that’s what I heard earlier too. So need to think differently and mod pistons towards presence status.

Im not sure how life360 should really work in new app. Im using @tmleafs Life360 release and in classic app it allows “awake” and shows for example “address1” information which allows user to create webcore pistons based on address1/circle information. New application shows present or not present …well including battery status.
So, if I remove old st application does life360 still report to webcore “address1” field onr “moving” status, or are those gone after uninstalling old app?

One interesting thing to note is that you can set SHM by mode in the new app, so if you have webCoRE change the mode, it can affect the SHM setting in the new app. You just have to have the right modes setup for it to work. At least, that’s what I’m testing now.

Yep thats what I did with my pistons. Mode changes in webcore too so using night, home and away modes and pistons work normally. One thing what I think should be automatically there is mode->SHM mode automations. Mode away should arm system automatically and home should disarm. Now I had to do automations first for home, night and away. After that I was able to create automations where for example everybody leaves and mode changes to away …then arm system.

One thing I’m missing is notifications from scenes. Created scene and would like to notify users that something happend. Now I can’t.

Found new bugs. When arming system, SHM alerts that sensors are open even if they are not added as sensors to be watched in intrusion cases. Im reporting this to ST support soon.
Also noticed that webcore notifications are not working anymore. Does anyone have an idea that can it be fixed?

If you have SHM installed in the Classic app and STHM installed in the new app, you need to remember they are two completely separate apps. It could be you still have the sensors configured in the other app that could be the cause for the alert.

Push notifications or SMS? If SMS, ST stopped them to all countries except the US.

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there is no bug in SHM and sensors… that was my mistake…

But that second thing… I mean Push notifications.

I use “do send PUSH notification” in pistons which used to work with classic app but for some reason not with new app.

Piston log says: +86ms ║║Executed virtual command sendPushNotification (11ms)
It does not work in any of my pistons. Notifications works when they are done by new application (in automations) but webcore push notifications are not working anymore. That is a really bad thing especially after sms was disabled.

I’m still reading through this long thread, but I wanted to share my experience with the new Classic app because I have migrated my Classic app Smart Home Monitor (SHM) and Routines to the new Connect app.

I’ll say this, the new Connect app does have one really good feature, Camera groups! I really like seeing a live stream view of up to four cameras in a group (full screen grid in landscape mode). I just wish they would add the ability to add the Camera group shortcut to the Android desktop homescreen like you can any device so I can have quick access to the Camera groups live stream view.

But even though I’m enjoying the Easter egg hunt finding out where various features and settings are located at in the new Connect app, there are some things I have issues with. First, my setup is simple since I don’t use any third party triggering systems (like IFTTT) because I want as much as I can running locally in the SmartThings hub and not rely on any external Cloud based systems to trigger things.

One (minor): I couldn’t figure out a way to get the Classic app’s ‘When Things Quiet Down’ logic migrated to the new Connect app. I worked around this by using two Automations with a 5 minute virtual switch instead of just one Routine. I’ll admit my workaround does seem to be much better logic than using the ‘when things quiet down’ feature for the one Routine that I was using it for anyway.

Two (SERIOUS’ly): There are no cameras recording options what so ever available in the new Connect app’s SHM?! Not even for Samsung’s own security camera. At least I can select the camera’s (Arlo in my case) motion sensor as a SHM trigger.

Three (MAJOR): None of the devices show what Smartapps, Automations, or Screens the device is associated with in the new Connect app. This is a MAJOR problem because if a device, like a smartbulb, stops working for whatever reason, you can’t just go into the old device and select each Smartapp, Automation, and Scene that the old broken device was in and modify them to add the new replacement device for an easy swap out/replacement. The old Classic app didn’t show the Scenes per device (which is why I didn’t use them), but at least the Classic app showed me the Smartapps and Routines the device was associated with so I could swap um easily.

Anyway, the new Connect app seems to be basically functioning for me. I’ve only got one strange issue that I’m working on post migration which doesn’t affect the functionally of the SmartThings system. I’m getting multiple push notifications for the Away trigger. It could be some residue from the old Classic app I’m not seeing, but it’s just an annoyance.

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