SmartThings Button, can you not trigger a scene?

Also, “trigger a scene“ has a specific meaning in smartthings. A scene is a snapshot of a moment in time with multiple different devices. So you might have lamp A at 50%, lamp B off, and lamp C at 100%.

Say you call that scene “television time.“

You should then be able to create an automation so you will be able to press the button and activate that scene. But note that that does not mean real time dimming of any of the lamps. It just means re-creating that snapshot.

If instead you mean you want to hold down the button and have that change the dimming level, then no, the SmartThings button does not do that.

There are some other battery operated devices that can dim. See the Buttons FAQ:

Some of the devices are mains powered, some are battery powered, some are limited to specific regions, so read the descriptions carefully.

The buttons FAQ is just intended to have one or two posts per device. Each post should have a link to a conversation thread about the device. So please do not post any follow up on questions about devices in the FAQ – – either go to the conversation thread, or come back and post a question here and people will try to help. :sunglasses:

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