Smartthings Automations for none techies

I am desperately looking ways to incorporate/ buy additional custom automations to my Smartthings installation.

I want some features like, simple dashboard app, a way to make random colored fading lights, reconnect my Tapo lights when they get disconnected (that happens regularly), build a connection to my HikVision DVR for CCTV events. I am sure many other would need similar features without doing extensive programming.

however I find it difficult add such capabilities into my Smartthings configuration. it should be something similar to an app store where all these great developers build apps and us lesser consumers buy them.

if Smartthings fail as a platform, this lack of support for non techies will be it’s downfall. it’s a pity!

I am a reasonably tech-savy person, a former programmer. However haven’t done much coding in the last 15 years. I am not able to find a simple set of instructions on how I could get my lights to work as party lights.

is it me or does other users find the lack of simplycity in smartthings frustrating?

Smartthings may be the wrong platform for you and your requirements especially for CCTV

You should never rely on another platform for your security, Hikvision have a perfectly good option, if you would like to view a Hikvision camera in ST there is a user developed driver you can install that might work dependant on your camera type, a search on the site here will help you decide

Party lights depend on the lights you own, do they have there own app, if so use that, if your party lights app connects to Smartthings via a cloud connection but party functions are not available in Smartthings contact your party light manufacture as they are responsible for what is available not Smartthings or failing that have you asked on the forum if there is a tapo driver available which you install via a link, install onto your hub and then add your lights via the manufacture instructions

Most users here on the site are not developers and manage to run complex automations easily without any code changing involved

If you want more complexity and to some extent flexability do have a look at Hubitat, ewelink app or the Tuya app, they may suit you better

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