Smartthings app without the control just for presence

I’m not sure if this is the right forum. I want to install the SmartThings app on my Son’s iphone but I do not want him to have all the controls, just the presence detector . Is this possible?

At this time it is not. If you install the app on his phone, he will have access to everything. I was hoping there was an option to even hide the app on my gf’s iphone so she didn’t mess with anything and I couldn’t find a way to do that.

I would also like this feature. I am currently using the Life360 integration with SmartThings as a workaround. Life360 Connect can be found in SmartLabs.

As a follow-up to my response above, here is a link with instructions for setting up Life360 in SmartThings.
This integration will enable you to use mobile phones as presence sensors, but avoid giving access to the SmartThings app.

If you want him to have a view but limited access install ActiON URL, put only the presence sensors on and make it read only.

I will look at life360. I thought life360 works on phone number. I dont even know what email it uses?

I would speak up against this ‘feature.’ It seems like a good idea from the standpoint of usability and by people who wouldn’t abuse it, but this would be a serious problem with those stalking others.

I’d be horrified if this ever became a feature. Anti-stalking laws would surely be violated. Maybe not by you, but by others.

+1 for an up-front about it presence sensor. Would be cool to give auto unlock ability to my roommates but not necessarily give them the ability to see my energy monitors.

How exactly would it be used to stalk someone? It would only track when they came into your home area or not. There is no interface to pull up the location of another device using their phone with the smartthings app installed and added as another account. How does disabling the screens accessing the settings turn the persons phone into a device that can be stalked?

This could easily be used to track an unsuspecting person, who is for instance only allowed to leave the house at certain times or isn’t supposed to be at their home while visiting a mistress ect, ect. I don’t know what scenarios to put together but it doesn’t matter.

Not allowing access to certain features or settings inside of SmartThings would be one matter, but hiding a tracking device, even one that is only binary for one location could be used wrongly. The user should always have the ability to know that they are being tracked, and be able to disable the tracking at their own will.

As long as it is obvious that the device we being tracked, and could be disabled: IE: Notifications. I don’t see a problem with this, but what you were talking about in your above quote was seemingly different.

I hope this clears up my post. I apologize if I misread yours. I don’t mean to say that you are trying to find out a way to track your girlfriend in wrong ways, but simply, other users may exploit this and use it wrongly.

If the presence sensor has value to your son, and he’s not someone who loses things constantly, the ST presence sensor fob gives you exactly that–a presence indicator that only does that one thing. I am using one with one of my health aides who doesn’t have a smart phone. (I had already given her a key, there’s no trust issue.)

If you can wait a few months, I would wait for the gen 2 version which will be noticeably smaller. But the current one is ok. (If this link doesn’t work, just click Shop at the top of this page and look in the Home and Family section for the presence sensor.)

I mentioned value to the person carrying it, because it is one more thing to keep track of.

She does not computer but tries to learn which generally leads to me having to go back and fix what she messed up. It wasn’t about hiding it so she wouldn’t see it, it was to prevent her from playing with it out of bordom and mess things up. If I wanted to track her I’d just pull up Find My Friends. She didn’t want the app on her phone and if the batteries in the little presence sensors lasted longer I would have kept using that. She likes how my computer says hi to her when she comes and goes.

Unfortunately there is no solution to hide apps at this time.

My wife uses a presence sensor as she doesn’t use a smart phone. The 2032 batteries last us almost a full year. I have purchased cheap 2032 batteries on Amazon that last a much less, so I avoid those. She just leaves the chip in her car because when it’s on her key ring it tends to pop open. I think future revisions of the presence sensor will fix the case issue.

I was going to ask the same question. Seems this thread died after dude made it just flat out weird. Anyway… I have kids who have smart phones and I’d like them to just use the smartphones for presence. They will keep up with phones but would certainly lose the sensors. They would end up playing with the controls so I’d rather just have a “presence sensor app”. I’m sure it will never happen because it would interfere with the sales of the sensors. :frowning: Just not fair. It would be WAY too easy to do and the customers would really appreciate it. If it were still open source and not owned by Samsung, I’m sure it would happen.