Is there a way to have ST on a phone for goefence/presence sensing and NOTHING else?

Here’s the scenario…
I want to have geo-presence on kid’s Samsung S22 phone but do not want him able to access/mess with smartthings through the app.

I’d prefer to even have the app unseen on the phone to reduce him trying to fool with it.

It would be great if there were a good/reliable arrival/presence sensor or tag that we could use to trigger the automations… but I don’t find one.


do they currently have a phone… if so what brand/model?

Samsung S22
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Grant his Samsung account limited access to your Location and turn off access to all the devices he doesn’t need.

Alternatively place his phone in a separate Location completely and get creative, possibly with third-party tools, to map his mobile presence into your main Location.

Hide the app via ‘Hide app’ in the Home screen settings (or wherever it is on his phone - I can’t imagine they’ve removed it.

I believe there may be age restrictions on SmartThings on later phones if you are using Samsung child accounts, which might confound the above.

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For your first approach, I’m in the same boat with a Samsung Galaxy S22 as well. I’ve got over 100 devices. Do I need to go through each one and/or each routine if I were to disable or is there one universal “no access” button? The latter is what I need as the other potential user would be confused with the system configuration.

Orangebucket NAILED IT!!!
Thank you so much!!!

I simply turned off notifications in the ST app on his phone…
Then from the S22 settings>homescreen>hide apps page, I hid the ST app.

Easy peasy!!

I had no clue the “hide app” was available!