Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

Bug with the temp summary display on favourites with the update. If you have two different units, it still averages them without conversion first.

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Still unable to find a solution to lighting device inconsistencies

I had some initial success with changing icons and drivers but after a while they appear incorrect again with other lighting devices which are basic ST Beta drivers that do not appear at all ??

I have confirmed that in some devices the option to change the icon does not appear in the edit menu, it is because they have introduced changes that when the profile has a VID and an icon defined in the metadata, then now it does not allow changing the icon.

If the icon is disabled in the profile and the VID is maintained, the option to change the icon appears again in the edit menu of the device.

What is the purpose of this new change in the App or add-ons or where it occurred?
Why restrict the icon change options more than they already are?

Hi @Jake_Mohl

Try if option menu appear in edit menu with this driver version.
I removed the profile metadata icon

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-05-14T12:43:41.582323298        
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This is impacting the way the new notification tile for lights ON works, due to inconsistencies or changes in various drivers inc ST Beta drivers, the new tile or more to the point the notification device picker is having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out what is what

find all the issues and report to support so they can fix them before releasing the next iOS update. That way us iOS users don’t have to deal with them :wink:


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No :grin::+1:


This improvement works for device delete

Is not not work for driver change with different capabilities, as zigbee thing, zwave thing or zwave device config Mc

You still need to add additional devices in the if and then parts to prevent routine deletion

@nayelyz It would be good to apply this improvement also to device driver changes


Agree @Mariano_Colmenarejo - so, just to confirm, if I first deleted the device, added it back on a different driver (like your (EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc ), then the routines should still be there for me once I’m done messing with the driver - correct?

The tests that I did deleting a device that was in 2 different routines, did not delete routines and were marked for rebuilding.

When re-adding the device, since it has a different id it does not interfere with the marked routines and you can manually add it back to those marked routines whenever you want.

By the way, as a curiosity, if you click on the condition or action marked as deleted, it looks for the device you want to add to have that same attribute.
For example, if the condition or action was for the switch attribute and the device you want to add doesn’t have that attribute, it won’t let you add it, you have to remove the condition or action marked and add a new one.

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The oddities i have seen are being taken into consideration, which is extremely encouraging jkp

The new additions are very welcome, my fingers are crossed for a proper useful weather page in the future


Hi guys! I’ve just noticed that not all my devices are shown in the new β€œstatus information” tab. For example the lights that are shown in the β€œlights” section are just a handful of those that are installed, some are zigbee, other zwave, other wifi so I cant find something specific for those that are indeed showed or those that are not. Also, none of my buttons or leak sensors are β€œfound” as temperature measuring devices, and also the leak sensors are not loaded. Any hints on what may be happening?

I have the same behaviour with the lights section under Android. I’ve not figured out the pattern yet.

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ST devs are aware of the oddities we see in the lights on tile, hopefully a fix will appear soon


It is even better, on multi-component devices, after you have updated the first routine, then when repairing the other routines it repopulates with the old values!



I feel an icon for an open door would make more sense for alerts about open doors.


When did they enable setting up linked places and using them in routines for non-Galaxy Android devices?

I first noticed it on 14th January when I got but it could have been sooner because it was the extra components in the mobile presence device that drew my attention to it rather than my spotting the change in the app.

I thought it was a significant enough change for them to highlight it, but it doesn’t look like they did an App Update Notice that month.

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For me it still says I can only use linked places if all members selected are using Galaxy devices.

EDIT: I read your post incorrectly. Doh.

The new status info in this app update will show the number of lights that are on. But what counts as a light is not everything I would like to include.

Is there a way to mark a switch or dimmer to be a light?