Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

ST are aware of the oddities in the ‘lights On’ tile but how they fix it and what will finaly get seen as a light is as yet unknown

Tbh it would really help if we could set outlets as either a light or socket, which is how Amazon Alexa works


Those affected by devices that do not appear in the lights on picker list

If your driver has the option to select a plug profile instead of switch, try plug profile, i am able to include devices using a plug profile reliably, tbh choosing a plug profile is not ideal when your actualy replicating a real switch with a virtual switch

However i am still seeing re populaion of selected device tick boxs if a lighting device changes state while the device picker page is open

The lights on tile is falling foul by the loss of smart apps really, previously using an IDE smart app, colours on an RGB controler could be rotated and controled by one smart app which took care of the code required to achieve a desired effect, to replicate the same effect in the new architecture requires complex automations and virtual switches stored in a room that gets used in reaity to hide bits of user created automations…not ideal, these bits of user created automations switch on off as the routine runs and this in turn trips up the new lights on selector

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I have a issue with this version on my Samsung S10+
The App is not able to detect my Samsung TV (Model QE55Q6F)
Tried scanning / QR Code / Manual Type entry, but nothing works
(i am on the same network of course)

When i dusted off my old Samsung S9+ phone it immediately finds my TV without any issues.

The “Remove Device” option no longer appears in the Edit screen. To remove a device, long press on the device from the Devices tab list and select Remove from the pop up.


Just a question out of interest, as almost certainly @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's thermostats will do this.
Now on the latest iOS update we have an average temperature (and humidity) ‘mini’ tile on the favourites page - does the API give access to these values? My question is for rules use. Thanks

The problem is that the mini tile only uses my thermostats and not my first party smartthings temperature sensor buttons, which are much better positioned around the house! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hi @rowschank

If you only want to see the average temperature of your thermostats, you can use the average temperature in the status panel, selecting only the thermostats.

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I’ve not come across it yet, but I’ve also not gone looking for it yet. It is not as simple as the lighting tile which is just a lighting group named ‘Summary-lighting-group’ wearing a nice frock.

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I want to only use my smartthings-buttons and not my thermostat. But the Smartthings app is only allowing me to select my thermostats.

So it would be good if you opened a report so that they fix that in the app.

Meanwhile fix it, you can use the Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc driver for your smartthings buttons and try to see if the app detects them as thermostats and lets you select them


Yeah, the fact that it doesn’t include temperature sensors as devices for including in the average, but it does include my hot water heater temperature, means they didn’t think this through very carefully :-/


@h0ckeysk8er @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Well, over here both thermostats and temp sensors and even the odd Fibaro UBS may be selected to be averaged and displayed in the “mini tile”. However, several devices with temp measurement (plugs and fire alarms) are not on the menu.

I’m guessing that my Ecobee sensors aren’t included because they seem to be recognized as motion sensors even though they also have temperature sensors in them. Guessing your temp sensors are recognized as such. Be interesting for the OP and yourself to check out the device type in the API Browser+ to see what types are included and which are not.

Would have been nice to include things based on their capabilities (temperatureMeasurement) and not on device type.

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because they must have chosen the device profiles with categories MultifunctionalSensor and Thermostat


Not sure how my water heater would fall into either of those profiles :thinking:

Now, my temp/motion sensors, thermostat, and water heater all have the temperatureMeasurement capability. However, only the thermostat and water heater have the thermostatMode capability. Could be related to that I suppose.

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Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

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Hi, @Johnnybegoode. No, that information is brought by an internal query, not using the public API.


I can select all temperature measurements ( Zigbee, vEdge virtual devices and MQTT driver devices)

If you want use other temperature measuments you can use vEdge
temp/humidity devices and copy temperature measurement from real measurements to virtual measurement using RulesAPI rule.
[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

Here is example how to make RulesAPI rule that copies temperature measurement from real measurement to virtual measurement
Integration Solutions using MQTT - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

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It seems to only have temperature devices available to select for the status tile where temperature is the main component. If its a secondary component, it isn’t available to choose.

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I still think that they also have to do with the category of the profile and with the fact that it has the temperature capability.
In the smartthings button, the temperature is in the main component, the same as in the multipurpose sensor or in the motion sensor.

The difference is that the multipurpose sensor has the MultifunctionalSensor category and is selectable and the others have the Button and ModionSensor category and can be chosen.