SmartThings and Xfinity Home integration

Hi All;

I just got my ST V2 Hub and would like to know if there is any way to integrate the Xfinity Home to the Hub. All articles refer to ADT, but can’t see a way around connecting to Xfinity Home, or any of the door/window sensors and camera.

Any ideas?



There’s no direct integration possible.

However, since both systems can work with a Hue bridge, and the Hue bridge will accept connection from both systems at the same time, you can use the hue bridge as a “man in the middle” proxy system. So one system can turn on a Hue bulb through the bridge, and then the other system can see that Bulb come on and react to that event. So it’s kludgy and there may be additional lag, but It’s a possibility.

Other than that, though, the two systems do not work together.

The ADT integration using the new smartthings/ADT security panel is an official integration between the two companies and limited to that specific model line.

Thanks a lot, I’ll rethink the Xfinity Home renewal when the time comes…

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Just a note on this. Hue does not bridge the two systems. You can see the Hue devices on ST and you can see the Hue devices on Xfinity… But you CANNOT see the Xfinity devices on the Hue nor can can you see the ST devices on the Hue…

Unless I am doing something wrong.

My post describes a “man in the middle“ set up. You have to use a physical hue bulb as a proxy to communicate between the two systems. So say I have a contact sensor on Xfinity home. It is not visible to smartthings. But I could have that contact sensor opening trigger a Phillips hue bulb to turn on in Xfinity home. And then I could have that specific Phillips hue bulb coming on trigger a siren in smartthings.

In this way that specific Phillips hue bulb acts as a proxy for the contact sensor.

I never see the Xfinity home sensor listed in my smartthings account. Or in the Hue app. But if I can turn that specific Hue bulb on using an Xfinity home rule based on the contact sensor opening then I can have a smartthings rule based on that bulb. So the bulb stands as a “man in the middle.“

Did that make sense? Obviously this isn’t a very elegant solution, but it does work for some people in some cases.

I see… I see… So if I can’t get Stringify, an alternative to IFTTT, I may have to get creative with Hue.

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Ok been playing with it for a little while and even though Stringify there is no way to actually integrate the alarm portion of Xfinity Home. So annoying… all I want is for my house to auto arm when ST triggers goodbye. I feel like I have to buy a light bulb and install it somewhere that doesn’t matter if it is on or off so that things will trigger while consuming electricity while I am home or away.

Wanting the same as you here, did you actually try the decoy light bulb approach? or find any other solution? Cheers -Ryan

No luck, didn’t try the Hue link.

I am both a Hue user as well as Xfinity Home. I’m looking to do that exact routine… nightly routine for ST and Xfinity.

Can you elaborate on how to accomplish this?

Just an update… still no linking… I love how Comcast bought out Stringify and NEVER added any automation stuff to their system…