Smartthings and VeraLite puzzle (2014)

I have a Smartthings hub and a VeraLite hub connected to the same LAN and physically located about 3 inches apart. I’ve been using Smartthings for about 6 month now and have numerous outlets, switches and window/door censors connected to it.

This morning I plugged in VeraLight and decided to play around with it. I remotely upgraded VeraLite firmware, then installed NEST and WEMO apps on VeraLite.

I am looking at my VeraLite screen and see all Smartthings zwave devices that are NOT battery operated and are pared to smartthings appear on my Vera Lite.

How did it happen? How could I have the same z-wave device be pared with two different z-wave controllers?

Am I missing something? I do not understand.

This might be a good thing, but how did it happen?

Does that mean that non battery operated Z-wave devices can be pared with more than one controller?

Interesting. My guess would be that the VeraLite joined the SmartThings hub’s Z-Wave network at some point. Z-Wave networks can have any number of controllers. You can check the home ID on the VeraLite and compare it to the zwaveHomeID shown on your hub detail page on the web UI (if you have the new hub firmware).

The reason only the non-battery devices showed up is that the VeraLite couldn’t query sleepy devices for what kind of device they are.

You are correct, Smartthings “zwaveHomeID” Is identical to VeraLite “HouseID”, except VeraLite has “Node 2 Suc 1” after it. Also VeraLite is showing “Role-Master SIS:YES PRI:NO”

Does that mean that VeraLite became secondary controller?

Shouldn’t it be listed in SmartThings under my devices, or my hubs, or somewhere else?

BTW All my Zwave devices came over to VeraLite now, even battery operated.

Yeah, looks like it’s a secondary on your hub’s network.

Is there any device with Device Network ID “02” listed in your hub’s devices?

Did you have the VeraLite already when you first got your SmartThings hub?

There are no devices in smartthings with network id of “02” listed under my devices.

Yes, I had VeraLite when I first purchased SmartThings. VeraLite was pluged in but not configured at all, I had no zwave devices at that time. After I pluged SmartThings hub I unplugged VeRaLite until this morning.

It is know that ST is not to good/specialized for making associations. Can you make associations via Vera in this configuration?

My goal is to buy a Vera and use it as a secondary Z-Wave controller, only for making associations between SmartThings Z-Wave devices. And you are pretty much close to my goal with this thread…

Thank you.