SmartThings and Delay Time

I am fairly new to ST so this may have been asked before. Are there any settings that I can change that will make ST activate events after they have been triggered. It seems that it takes a good 1 to 3 seconds once a Contact Sensor is triggered or a Motion is triggered before the event (lights turning on) happens. I realize that everything is stored in the cloud but sometimes I am able to walk all the way down my hallway before the lights go on even though it was triggered right when I entered the hallway.

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In my case I see 1~2 second latency between trigger and light on. A bit longer (2-4 sec?) if I use another cloud driven system like quirky power strip or IFTTT triggers, as opposed to z-wave/zigbee that talks directly to ST hub. I hope there is a room for reducing this latency as cloud service is more fine tuned but for now it feels like this kind of delay is expected.

Hopefully they will come out with a hub that will let us store the programming within the hub. Then when changes are made, it will update the cloud. Then the Smart phone apps will still see the same programming, but the latency would be gone.