SmartThings + Amazon Echo Official Integration

The echo integration should have mode selections…

We’re working with what they give us, Mike.

A good caveat to say think carefully before connecting barrier Control devices to the echo.

That said, there are reasons why people would want to do this. just as an example:

  1. you only want a voice control to lock the door, not to unlock it. So yes, a stranger standing in your yard could yell “Alexa, lock the door” and it might lock, but maybe that’s not a problem for you.

  2. you’re filming a poltergeist movie. :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:

  3. you only want to be able to unlock the door from inside the house, and you’ve tested shouting from outside the house, and that doesn’t work.

The point is just, that you can do it, and some people might have a reason to do it, but do think carefully before doing it.

Ah…, I’ve not installed the integration yet…, busy ripping apart/rebuilding my install for other reasons :innocent:


Anyone have any luck getting Alexa to change the channels, I have her doing the on/off function just trying to figure out how to get her to change to at least a few select channels…???

It depends on the exact method you’re using to control the TV. If it’s an IR blaster, if it’s harmony, if it’s a smart TV. The details maybe a little bit different, but the principles will be basically the same.

The following project topic shows how to do it with harmony as the IR blaster and IFTTT as a go-between, but basically you just set up a virtual switch for each of your favorite channels and then you can say "turn on ESPN quote “turn on the Disney Channel” or whatever.

But again it depends on the integration method between smartthings and the actual TV control device.

Are you saying that Alexa will only work with Version 2 Hub leaving us V1 out?

No, Alexa is working just fine with V one, many of us are using it today. :sunglasses:

Thanks, I was beginning to think that this was going the way that the WEMo support has gone. It isn’t very reliable at this time and ST sya’s they are working on it once V2 is released. It is so bad I can’t depend on it for my security lighting and have resorted to my old X10 system for that purpose.

Has someone used alexa with simulated buttons?

yup, search for echo and or alexa and virtual switch

This integration has been fantabulous for me as of now and great for xAF… @JDRoberts instructions for simulated switches to trigger modes/hello homes: priceless! For once even missus is using it. Although she is damn jealous and proclaimed Alexa to be my girlfriend/mistress! :wink: it seems I talk to Alexa more than I talk to her but then I explained to her what polygamy means and too many people are married or in luv with Alexa!

Sure. See the new Amazon/smartthings integration discussion category for several topics on projects using virtual switches of different types. :sunglasses:

@smart ,
I get told the same exact thing that I love Alexa more than her…lol
I’m hoping that since I hooked the thermostat in that the xAF will increase even more. She has to learn to love Alexa :smile:

I am on a timeout, buddy! :wink: the silence game! While I did caught her talking to Alexa for some school preparatory work she being a teacher! :slight_smile: the other halves! :wink:

At least you still have Alexa to talk to :smile:


At my house, my wife’s name is Alexis, so confusion all around!

Did you try calling your wife “honey” always or some lovey dovey name instead? :wink:

I use GE’s ‘Smart Dimmer’ (in wall) for several lights. No problem coupling it to the Smartthings hub. Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t recognize it as being a valid device. Anyone else had this problem? Solution?

Definitely tell support.

What device class does Echo list it as?

You can still get voice control if you add a virtual switch, have Echo control that, and use a follower smartapp like The Big Switch to slave the real switch yto the virtual one (and vice versa to keep them in synch).

But the virtual switch approach can be a lot of work to set up, so I would check with first to see if that device class is going to be added to the direct integration.