SmartThings ADT Hub Backup Battery Part Number

I received an ADT SmartThings hub with a missing backup battery. What a joke!

Several calls to SmartThings support were no help. “Get a new hub.” “We don’t know what the battery part number is.” “No, we can’t send you a new battery.” Etc. They couldn’t seem to grasp why i don’t want to waste my weekend re-pairing all of my devices. Time is money!

SO. Now that I have gone and got an entirely new hub, i now have the backup battery information to share with everyone. And hopefully the SmartThings support will fix their missing information.

LiPolymer 823990 3.7V 3.7Ah/13.69Wh
Date Code:20171507
Shenzhen GREPOW Battery Co.,Ltd

QR Code Data:
1)P/N:10-000014-001 2)Date Code:20171507 3)Manufacturer:Shenzhen GREPOW Battery Co.,Ltd

Obviously, the date code doesn’t matter, but I put it there for reference, and to show that a brand new 2019 hub has a freaking 2017 battery. That is complete junk. No wonder so many people say this battery lasts only (15) minutes instead of the supposed (4) hours that SmartThings claims.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, that ferrite core on the battery cable is important.


Has anyone successfully sourced a replacement battery? If so, where? I will contact the manufacturer next week, but I was hoping to locate one from an online retailer.

Thanks for the info

Maybe look for a 2GIG GC3 backup battery? The ADT hub is nearly identical to a GC3 panel.

Here’s one for $29:

Many more retailers exist. This panel is used by several alarm companies so replacement batteries should be around for a while.

Reid - That’s the one! Thanks!

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