Smartthing ZWave Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock IFFT Question

So, I use my Smartthing for a Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock, and it’s wonderful, all set up, I can use Alexa, I can use IFFT to control it. But I have a questions that someone may be able to answer.

A person in our home, still doesn’t know how to close a door fully, and it causes the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock to reset itself and timeout, to reactivate the auto close, you have to close and re-open the bolt.

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a IFTTT linked with Smartthing that could send a single to the door to either reset the autolock, or something similar, so the autolock would be operational again.

I have the IFTTT set to send a ‘lock signal’ every few hours during the wee hours, to make sure the door is locked, but I’d still like to be able to ‘reset’ it back to normal using the IFTTT and Smartthing, so when we go away on vacation, I don’t have to worry about.

Anybody able to point me in the right direction for this, because there are three things involved, I don’t know who to ask first, so I figured I’d try ‘Smartthings’ as they are prominate in the IFTTT and some of the custom commands also work, maybe someone has the knowledge to make an applet?

Thanks in advance.

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I presume you mean this close and re-open (lock and unlock) operation must be done manually, right? Have you tested to see if autolock will resume if you lock and unlock via SmartThings (ie, remotely)?

If the lock firmware requires manual operation to correct the failed autolock operation (which is reasonable logic to have been implemented…), then it is somewhat likely they did not implement a “command” (that can be sent over Z-Wave) to override it… But - possibly they did.

It may also be as simple as sending all the configuration packets which might have a side effect of resetting autolock.

I’m tagging @RBoy, as he is quite an expert in smart locks as a part of his SmartThings add-on subscription software product offerings.

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What you need to do is first capture the “jammed” signal event which the lock send when the auto lock fails to complete.

You’ll need a custom DTH like this one to capture and report that signal to ST :

Then you need an app to notify you and send a relock signal to your lock (there no way to “reset” it directly). An app like LUM captures this event and notifies you that the lock is jammed. You will need to manually initiate a lock or unlock to force the lock to respond or you can use CoRE or WebCoRE to capture that event from the DTH and then automatically react by sending commands to the lock.

Although not all locks will respond and if the door is jammed. When the lock, even if it responds, tries to relock itself it may fail because the deadbolt isn’t aligned properly. In a few cases it may succeed where the jamb is scraping and a retry could help but it’s very context dependent.

But yes, knowing about it and having an app or rule notify you is definitely a life saver. I’ve heard about someone having a neighbor go and “pull” the door close when they received a jammed notification from LUM after leaving the house and then the lock relocked itself remotely thanks to a timely jammed notification.

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So, I’ve read over this a couple of times and I think I’ve got it, the bottom line, I can’t reset the lock without a manual intervention, so if it’s goes into that state (or I see it unlocked for a while, as there is no signal to say it was jammed on any app I currently have) I would have to get a neighbour to go around and just open the door, manually unlock, lock and unlock the door again and it will reset back to autolock.

I have the smartthing app on my phone that tells me if it’s locked/unlocked and I can put that to lock and unlock it. I also have a few IFTTT’s that will send a lock signal a few times during the night. But I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on the app to see it’s status. This is all of course, if i’m reading it correct. I know I’m also looking for a free alternative at the moment, maybe in the future if the other info I’m reading would be a solution, I may sign up for it.

It depends on your lock model and it’s behavior. For example with a Schlage BE469, if it’s in jammed states, you can send it a lock command it will try to lock itself again. However if the door is physically in a state where the deadbolt is being blocked, then it won’t help. If it’s in a state which is partially blocked, it may help. It’s contextual.

Most locks do send this including Schlage and Yale deadbolts, it need to be captured and processed by a compatible DTH and processed by a SmartApp which will notify you.

Not necessarily, if you have the DTH report to ST that the lock was jammed. You can setup a WebCoRE rule that captures that jammed event, notifies you and automatically sends a “lock” command to the lock. If it fails a second time you’ll have to someone over to see what’s going on.

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I have the BE469WK V CAM 619 (copied that from the box) and I’ve done a few tests.

I purposesly put the door in the way the step-son does, and it tries to close, fails, tries again, then beeps.

I’ve then pushed the door to the correct closed position and then tried to send some lock and unlock signals from the smartthings app, and even told alexa to lock and unlock the door, during these test, the lock didn’t go back into autolock mode unless I manually turn the lever on the inside of the door.

So either the lock itself doesn’t support it, or I’m doing it all wrong.

You’re right the Autolock feature is disabled until the lock has been successfully locked / unlocked (otherwise the motor will die). However, you can still send a lock command remotely when it’s jammed.

Ok, I think I’m grasping this. I’ve just done another test.

Unlocked the Door, pulled the door slightly so the deadlock was out of alignment and waited.
Door tried to lock and failed.
I pushed the door to place the correct position and sent a lock signal, door locked.
I then unlocked the door manually, waiting, 30 seconds later the door auto locked.

So, at least I know, with the IFTTT commands, will lock itself, and then he’ll trigger the auto lock by opening the door to leave.

So, really I’m now at this stage “You can setup a WebCoRE rule that captures that jammed event, notifies you and automatically sends a “lock” command to the lock. If it fails a second time you’ll have to someone over to see what’s going on.” [without the send lock command, just so I’m notified]

I’m getting closer and closer to peace of mind when I go on vacation in July. :slight_smile:

Slowly Slowy. :slight_smile:

So, following this and installing the Smartthing Classic App [through google play] . I’m now at the Add A Piston stage. :slight_smile: [I’m putting all this here, incase someone else googles my problem and ends up here]

So, I installed the LUM, but for the life of me I can’t find were the setting is to alert me if the door get a jam with the lock?

Can you help with that?

Make sure you have the Enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH which reports the event from the lock and LUM will notify you once you select the lock on the main page and enable the option under Lock/UnLock Actions → Keypad Lock Actions - > Notify on Lock Jam/Stuck (bottom of page)

The key is that the event from the lock must reach the hub, if you’re using the enhanced DTH, you’ll see this show up in the Recently tab in the Classic app.

Found and activated it. I’ll have to see if it works. I’ve seen ‘Unknown State’ is the list of recent events, I don’t know if that is it. I know the lock and the hub are only about 2ft apart. Thanks for all your help.

That usually does not guarantee that the events will reach the hub, see this topic for more details: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?