Smartthing HUB Backup

i have over 50 things easy connected to my smartthing hub. A back up solution will be great, also a big incentive for me to upgrade to smartthing hub 2.

Just bumping this thread.

ST team, will we ever get the ability to back-up our setup and automations? This would make me feel so much more comfortable and pretty much lock me into the ST ecosystem.

Also, I’d love to buy future hubs etc if I knew I could just seemingly port accros, whereas atm the thought of re-doing everything just puts me off.

Phone retailers realised this was a massive barrier to people upgrading their handsets, that’s why they all invested so much time into making transfers so seemless, including Samsung.

It just feels like the missing link right now and it would certainly serve to reduce the nervousness around firmware updates and the looming new app transfer etc.

Define “ever”.

SmartThings has existed for about 6 years, but this feature still does not (even after being promised by the CEO - at the time - in late 2015).

I doubt that it is impossible, so I expect we’ll get it sometime before “never”.