Smartthing and Osram RGB bulbs

Hi to all,

has been trying to work something with smarthome for some time. I have an Osram gate, a HUE, I had a Xiaomi and now I have purchased the Smarthings. All the previous ones had their disadvantages, the current one I have for a few days and tests, but knowledge of its pros and cons.

So far, I was able to connect various Zigbee devices to the gate, mainly gu10 bulbs and plugs. The plugs work without a problem, but in the case of bulbs after grouping, I can turn them on and off or change the color, I miss the color change “themes” that were in Osram and HUE.

So far, I also noticed that the Smarthings gate has a smaller Zigbee range like Osram / Hue, the previous ones easily reached the light bulbs / plugs in the attic, present no.

Maybe some of you had similar feelings and coped with it

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