SmartTag - Set up (on ios)


I recently was given 2x Samsung SmartTags and was told they would connect to SmartThings hub. I was hoping to use them as arrival sensors (as i can’t find the old gen ones online anywhere!).

I have an iphone and i know the Tags only work with Samsung phones, i do however have Samsung phone that i use for work. So a few questions

Would the SmartTags work as arrival sensors ?
Would this work on my iphone if i first set this up on my smartthings using the Samsung phone? - Or would it only work on Samsung devices?

Alternativly is there anything else out there that works as an arrival sensor? - don’t wish to use my phone as one as it sucks all the battery having the GPS on all the time


They only work with Samsung Galaxy phones.

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We should also add that the original SmartThings Tracker have had their service discontinued recently and won’t work with anything beginning next month. :disappointed_relieved:


The replacement is the new Galaxy SmartTags, and those only work with some of the Galaxy phones. They say “Galaxy” on them. :thinking:

So the first step is to make sure it’s not one of the discontinued models.

I use ibeacons for this, which work pretty well for detection but are a little tricky to get into SmartThings. So automations might take a minute or so to run, which can be annoying if you’re standing there waiting for the door to unlock. It also requires a paid third party app. But if you’re interested in that method, see the following. It says UK, but the answer I gave also works for the US. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

A better but more expensive alternative with SmartThings is to get a smart lock that detects your presence with Bluetooth (August or Yale by August are good, but there are others) and then trigger off of the door unlocking when the mode is away. That’s quicker and easy to set up, but if you have multiple people in the house routine design may be a little more work.