SmartSense Motion Sensor Battery Life

I setup my SmartThings hub and SmartSense motion sensor over this last weekend inside my porch next to a window and so far everything seems to be working correctly.

I live in MN so the porch is fairly chilly and the temperature is reading in the 20 degrees which is expected.

What is not expected though is that the battery life is reading at 88% already. Is this normal?


I don’t think any of these devices report battery levels very well; they certainly aren’t linear. One of my ST motion sensors has been running for 6 months in a busy spot and it says 50% so don’t worry too much. The cold will also lower the voltage output but the actual capacity is still there and will report higher as the temp increases.


@jenmcnitt Did you put the Smartthing motion sensor outside? The new model or the original ST motion sensor? I put out an Ecolink outside because it was cheaper, and so far worked well. I was just curious with it.

The battery levels report in intervals. 88% means 88%-99%.

Anything ST I bought from Amazon shows that magic number when I unpacked it. :slight_smile:

@thrash99er The motion sensor is in an enclosed porch. I’m not sure if it is the new or original motion sensor. How would I tell?

This is the new one

This is the original one

I could not see your links, but this is the one I have (take out the spaces):

https :confused: /!/products/smartsense-motion-sensor

@jenmcnitt That is the newer one. Let me know if that battery life is good, and if you have any issues with it.


This device is design for 2 years battery life isn’t it ?

I just wonder how do I can get 2 years if just a week i use it it show 88%, and sometimes 77%.
I just use it for a week. I place it in the middle of my house, a lot of movement everyday.
And I didn’t install SmartApps related to this motion sensor. This sensor only tell the movement and temperature changing in activity log, no further action like turn the light on or set thermostat.

They report 88% out of the box because our devices report their battery life in intervals. 88% means it’s between 88% and 99.9%.

Ooohh I see
After all this year, do you ever change the battery because of run out battery ?
How long it takes to empty the battery ?

i installed a smartsense motion sensor June 13, 2015, it lost 50% battery within 48 hours, it hasn’t even been a week yet, and battery died shows 0%… do i have a defective part/batteries? i’m going to buy some new batteries anyways for my other devices. should i just go ahead and replace all the batteries, some things are rapidly depleting, and other devices are steady 100%

I have the same issue. Batteries drain super fast. The sensor is in a busy spot however from 3pm to 6-7pm everyday nobody is at home so it is supposed ro be idle. I have used 3 new (cr2450 panasonic) batteries as recommenden and they last 2 weeks at the most.
Should I start thinking I have a defective sensor?

My motion sensor went over a year on 1 battery and the battery level always showed 100%. Three days ago it stopped working for several hours then started working again. Yesterday, it stopped working. I took the battery out and its voltage read 2.9. Put in a new battery, which read 3.2+ volts, and it worked for one day before stopping. It was 2.9v when I took it out. Now on third battery in 3 days. The battery level never read below 100% on any of the 3 batteries. My conclusion is that the motion sensor has failed. One year warranty, I believe, but my Amex card should cover the second year.

Ditto. Mine worked perfect for at least a year. Put the old battery back in, worked for a day. Put a new battery in, worked for a day.